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Hey everyone, I am here to seek advice on how to help my mother transition and change her diet in order to heal from the above mentioned conditions. My mother understands that fruits and high carb diet in general is good for people but she wouldn't take it because she believes any kind of sugar raises her blood sugar levels. I am convinced that fruit sugar wont do that but in order to convince her I need some guidelines as what should I do in order to help her transition. What I mean is that I can't give her massive amounts of fruit to start with as that will freak her out and she wont do it. Also my mother has been taking medication for hypothyroid for many years now and she believes this condition doesn't have any cure, but I am certain that 80/10/10 can heal that too.

My mother has been vegetarian for last 25 years and her diet has always been Indian. The thing is Indians use a lot of oil and salt to their meals so I have asked her to cut that out completely. I get can't get her to have completely raw lifestyle as of yet because I am transitioning myself from rice to only fruits and hopefully gradually I will reach there. Any advice will be helpful at this point. Cheers

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Wow thanks Esperanza... So I should keep her off fat and gluten free food to start with. As you already know Indian food is cooked with oil and in her lentils soup with veggies. So she only puts half a tablespoon of vegetable oil, I know any kind of oil is just fat but how can I get her to let go off something which she is use to all her life?  So should I just ask her to quit cooking stuff with oil or should she just minimise the use of oil in cooking veggies? She enjoys eating rice but my question is... Is it better to steam the rice than to cook it? Chapatis are not gluten free so I am definitely getting her off of that. She is also giving up on diary so that's a good decision but will have to see how long she can keep it that way. Today she had more fruits than usual and enjoyed it too but it will take more time for her to transition as she believes she get full after eating just 2 bananas. Will keep you guys posted if something weird starts happening. Over and out. Peace

I like the idea of smoothies. What should I add in green smoothies? I mean do I add fruits to green leafy veg?

Awesome... Now I have to see what greens I can get here and then try that out

For me it was very helpful to understand the science of how the sugar in fruit itself doesn't affect blood sugar but when too much fat is in the bloodstream then the sugar gets stuck there and spikes the blood sugar. Dough Graham has some very good scientific explanations for this. Otherwise it's so easy to just blanket-assume that any sugar raises blood sugar. Also have you checked out DG's vegsource board? A good place to ask questions.

Cool will look it up. Cheers

my friend is just like me and you, she was autoimmune diabetes and thyroid-hype. I heal thyroid as well and other autoimmune disfuncions. But if your want contact her...zazana svedova on skype czech republic. Bdw. be carefull, behind it there is lots of abuse either by your self or parents to your body, not listening to what it wants in the long run and brittle ego(usully)... really try to go for complex solution, it is not overnight and you might then question if I am doing right, wish you a good luck! Hit me up for more:). bzzzzzzz fruitfly flying around your fruit:)

Will keep you posted and trust me I am aware that I am in very delicate position so thanks for the heads up. Cheers

she go 70%greens, 20%fruit and 10%nuts(almonds and spouts(for Omega 3 up against omega 6) and she eat once a week salamon(as she is transitioning still). Already drop insuline and decreasing the thyroid supplements, but she work on it menthally as well, tell more truth others even the bad one, defending her thoughts and opinions and value. She did like me a lot care for others, which is great, but forget about taking care of herself just like I ques we both did.

Bdw. in my case gluten and milk was a culprite and no cooked starches work for me too, also cooked protein or too much omega 6 makes me inflamated joints as well... so if you trust me, go datorate or bananas whole month no qustions and prepare for huge detox and emotional as well. Keep light cardio with HIT here and there. But it all disapear later... and you see the results fast. hugs and double hugs for you, wellcome in the club TMB.

in other workds in the short run there is no one way, in the long I am not working on greens and calorie restricion as I want to and sugar way is my way, but the fat intake detox so as salt and spices and all (tomatos, peppers, aubergine, sometimes celery, watermelon and grapes dont work for me). Banana is great for insuline stability. But I go slow, greens with apples(blended not juiced), once your get rid of fat from your system your insuline start to work. Skip the overts toally, that helps me as well and I am only autoimmune, not diabetic(she is)



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