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How will we HCRV lifestyle humans die since our diet rocks ??? will we eventually get the diseases that we promote all other diets slant towards ?

What do you think guys .. apart from accidents, how we will die ??? We promote that this diet is the most healthiest and other diets cause all sorts of disease. BUT we will die eventually but from what cause ????? There has to be more to eat then lifestyle right ???


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I'm pretty sure we can still get cancer and disease from all of the pollution.

Gracefully , peacefully. Not hooked to a box keeping us alive. Its the quality of the life not the amount of time.

I suppose in nature, we would probably die via accidents and or males might die in competition for females and fighting. 

As human beings, we are not completely immune to disease.  We also have limited lifespans programmed into our DNA with most recent anecdotal evidence being that we can live to be about 150.  Our organs are kind of programmed, for example, the human heart might only be able to beat about 1 billion times in a lifetime.  Once it crosses that threshold, it may give out. 

I hope when it it my turn to go, I go in sweet surrender like this fellow did here, and I personally see death as a part of life and the life experience.  I neither fear a healthy natural death, neither do I mourn much those whose time has come, rather celebrate the life they lived and the legacy they left behind.  But then again, that is just me.

Peace, PK

"Natural Causes" 

Hi Perry,

The key to longevity seems to be related to telomere length. Telomeres regulate cell reproduction. Once the telomere is used up cells no longer reproduce therefore the shorter the telomere, the fewer cells that get replaced resulting in aging. There is a lot of research on this. Very interesting research.


As i saw this post i was like: WOAH id love to write someting about this. Thank you :)

We will never die. Nobody dies like been gone forever... Finally. We just change from our manifest energy  to unmanifest energy. Our wave motion will become so high that we can leave our very low vibrant body behind us - in this physical world- by creating very high vibrations. In case we decide to.

My opinion.

And i think this lifestyle supports us doing this. The coolest thing is that this can and will happen because we decide it - we make the choice.

And we own the power of decision. Our vibrances become so high that we 'vibe' out of our bodies.

i guess the vibrances in and from our bodies are def much higher that those in other bodies, in which their individuals put rubbish things like meat and diary...

This way of life /lifestyle+diet gives us the power to reach, attract and create everything. and it will give us the sway to stay here in our bodies or leave our bodies and come back. Easy.

But aslong as you love being here, you'll have the option to and you will def stay here.

(My mother tongue is german, any advice in language, grammar or anything else welcome.)


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