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Year ago when I became 100% fruitarian after half a year after 80/10/10 diet. And after eating fatty meal a have a first strong gallstone stroke, but I didn't know it. I lie down at floor, can't normally breath, even thought that I am dying. It took about 20 minutes. Then i felt normal as usually. I think that was one of symptom cause of eating cooked. And then i replied several times but it was more tolerant than the first one. 

Some days ago I had another one painful gallstone stroke I go to work as usually, and feel myself bad and weak. At the evening was temperature 37,5, I thought I have virus or something like that. Next day I have jaundice. I go to hospital. Doctor trying to find out what kind of infection inside me. Than I go to sonography and I found out that i have gallstones. I saw on screen there was three gallstones. Seems like not so big. Till this time a haven't even hear about gallstones it is encountered for the first time. It may cause that my weight on raw food dramatically dropped or during my previous diet.

Now I came from hospital and I should to go to surgery for consultation. Off cause I do not want to hear about removing gallbladder. I start this diet in order to improve my health, but not to remove organs. 

If one day I will eat fatty meal  I risk to get new stroke. Presence of gallstones in other parts of the biliary tract can cause obstruction of the bile ducts, which can lead to serious conditions such as ascending cholangitis or pancreatitis. Either of these two conditions can be life-threatening, and are therefore considered to be medical emergencies

How I can get rid of gallstones ? What you can recommend ? 



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Thank you for advice. I intend to try drinking apple juice for a long time to try to dissolve a gallstones. It is more natural way. But about liver flush I am very skeptical.  When most of Gladstones will start moving after flush they can clog all ducts and may require urgent surgical intervention. I have information that dangerous and even ineffective.
Many people have silent gallstones that only become apparent when they go on a low-fat diet. Why? The gall bladder needs fats/oils to contract and squirt bile into the intestines to help digest food. If the quantity of fat is severely reduced, the gall bladder quits working. Unable to fully contract, the stones grow and can block bile ducts.

A version of the above happened to me within a couple of months of starting 811. I am now taking gold coin grass, an herb that works to dissolve stones. http://sensiblehealth.com

Within a few days, my pain went away. I would like to be able to do liver flushes at some point, but right now, drinking a 1/2 cup of oil would probably kill me.
I investigated all over the internet about gallbladder function in our organism. I read so many articles, and I have been overwhelmed because the no any one preferable method how to get rid of. So on my point the best was G/L flush +  chanca piedra + gold coin grass.

Now I am preparing to do my third gallbladder flush by Moritz with Gold Coin Grass before flush. After the first one was so many soft stones afters the second one not so many, off cause big part of them was from liver, and I have no confidence that small part of them from gallbladder. And I decided to go to sonography and there still was gallstones. But it seems that there small amount than before first flush. I cant compare it certainly because it was different doctors and different x-ray captures. 

Thank you. l also read info from sensible health. Another one good source is www.curezone.com with more wide information.

I assure you it is nothing to drink 1/2 cup of oil instead of having that kind of deadly gallbladder pain. I have talked with 5 fruitarians who tried their gallbladder flush before doing my. It is only hangover in the morning similar that after cooked food. And always better to do something than to do nothing. If we start this way then we need to experiment and to go till the end no matter of what.

For some reason, losing weight quickly can cause one to develop gall stones or symptoms. 2 1/2 years ago I had 8 gall bladder attacks in 2 months. They did not even figure out what it was until I had had 4 scary painful attacks. They thought it was my heart, asthma or my esophagus. My mom actually said it sounded like her gallbladder attacks and I told my doctor who then diagnosed me with an ultrasound. They told me I needed to have surgery immediately. I declined and they called me twice at home to warn me about death, etc.  

My husband wanted me to have the surgery and so I told him I would if I ever had another attack. Luckily for me I have not. I did two cleanses with olive oil and epsom salts preceded by apple juice. The second one made me so nauseous I swore I would have surgery rather than go through that again. I also read up on grains and how they can cause autoimmune diseases. I stopped eating them.  I also started to be more committed to 80 10 10. I still fall more than I care to admit, but I still have my gall bladder and my husband actually calls it a miracle. 

I have a dear family member that has diagnosed kidney stones, that is going to remove the gall bladder. I kind of felt bad about this since there is no way to reverse this operation. I tried talking about changing diet, but this was already tried for a few months (not 811 btw). The emotions it the fan there and this was the end of the conversation. The operation is scheduled next week. I know its not my body and not my choice, but is there any advise/argumentation I could give?

Are there people here with diagnosed gallstones that got rid of them and the pains, by eating low fat vegan?

Hi ,

As I now follow the raw , sometimes raw/vegan diet I have no problems with gallstones. I tried clean up my gallbladder 4 times , and obviously no results. I wanted to start cleaning again but I have no interest in it, while everything is OK. Only method  that I found now to do not have operation is follow low fat diet. It is more psychologically and emotionally hard, not physically but in the only way that i found, because I experimented with all kind of fat dosage and found optimal for me, that doesn't hurt. I visited great doctor on a of magnetic tomography, who also removed his gallbladder because when he eat pizza and he got attack, and he advised me to remove gallbladder. I strictly disagreed. It is normal procedure many many people has done that surgery and they live without further sympthoms. For me it is hard to find out what kind of cleaning use to remove gallstones. I will try this method http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/be-good-to-your-gallbladder-flu... by Julia Chang that I found more truth worth with  4-pack of Chinese Bitters, GCG, Curcuma, and Coptis. If you have only week you can refuse and try one of cleansing methods. At any time you can get back to operation. I prefer not to give up. Also I called to some Russian hypnotherapist and he advised to me to get a professional gallbladder massage to dissolve stones. In internet I did not find any evidence about  success of this. Generally I did not find the best method to get rid of gallstones, but I found hoe to live with silent gallstones. Keep searching...  

P.s. Low fat diet only helps do not pushing bile from gallbladder into digestive system, but do not get rid of gallstones. 

Hi, I had gallstones when I was sixteen (completley sucked!) so I feel your pain. Frankly, I got rid of my gallbladder when they removed the stones. Its the best solution out there, most natural ways don't work (believe me I tried, but the pain was too strong to continue fighting it hoping the natural ways would work). Besides, you don't need your gallbladder. If your intentions are to stay on this lifestyle you won't need anything to help you with fat digestion cause you will hardly be eating any.

One bad thing, after two years.... I'm STILL yellow in my hands and feet. Ask your doctor, It occurs with gallstones and is called Gilberts Syndrome.

Good luck to you! I hope you choose what's best for you!



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