30 Bananas a Day!

If you want to be a sumo, eat lots of animal products.

If you want to be a skinny Thai kick boxer like Tony Jaa then eat low fat high carb.

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  I want to be a long distance running sumo....Any tips?..:0)

I love your videos <3

When I was in training for my new job one of my friends is into thai boxing and he said I eat a lot like a thai boxer lol

Interesting! Apparently the soup is mostly meat, relatively fewer veg. I googled "what do sumo wrestlers eat" and this was the first result:


From: http://www.intermartialarts.com/article/sumo-wrestler-diet


Eating the largest meal close to sleeping

The average daily intake of calories for a man is 3000-3500. A sumo wrestler consumes 20,000 calories a day, split between two very large meals of 10,000 calories each. By sleeping after a meal of 10,000 calories a sumo wrestlers body is able to process them slowly for storage (as fat).

Skipping breakfast

This may seem illogical in respect to gaining weight, however according to Dr. Wayne Callaway, obesity specialist at George Washington University, skipping breakfast can not only trigger overeating later in the day but can also cause a drop in metabolism. It was found in research that people who don't have breakfast, like sumo wrestlers, have a five-percent lower metabolism than those who don't skip breakfast. This is because by comsuming calories, our body uses more energy to digest and absorb the food.

Drinking beer with meals

With some beers containing over 200 calories per pint, consuming it with food helps sumo wrestlers to  gain even more calories. Sumo wrestlers will easily consume 6 pints of beer per meal. Alcholic drinks are known to be 'empty calories', meaning that they have absolutely no nutritional value except for providing energy, which means that it will be stored as fat.

Exercising on an empty stomach

Although exercise does increase metabolism, exercising on an empty stomach will infact lower your metabolic rate in the long term. This is because your body tries to conserve as much fuel as possible by rationing what's available.

Have a sociable meal

Researchers have found that by eating with others and socializing we tend to consume more food because it takes us longer to get full. As sumo wrestlers are literally stuffing their stomachs to their limit with each meal, the more food and calories they intake, the more fat will be stored.

Having a nap after lunch

Sumo wrestlers commonly sleep for four hours immediately after lunch. As mentioned, this allows more of the calories to be taken on and stored as fat in the body rather than being used as energy.

To give a feel for the number of calories that are mentioned in this article, there are approximately 3500 calories in a pound of body fat - equivalent to around 10 hours of walking.

So how does a sumo wrestler comsume 20,000 calories a day?

All sumo wrestlers eat a Japanese dish called Chanko-nabe. This is a type of stew and contains large quantities of protein sources such as chicken, fish and tofu as well as masses of vegatable and vegetable which contain huge amounts of calories.

Unfortunately the average life expectancy of a sumo wrestler is between 60-65 years old (some 10 years younger than than the average Japanese male). This is mainly down to their lifestyle causing illnesses such as diabetes, liver disease, heart disease, arthritus and high blood pressure.



Freelee & I were going to move to Japan to help the sumo's bulk up on 811 cos we read on someones blog that fruit makes people fat.

A great example of a martial artist eating a high carb diet is Bruce Lee. I consider him the best martial artist ever to live because of his speed, agility, and ridiculous strength for his size and he ate primarily fruit smoothies and fresh fruit and vege juices throughout the day and would usually have a traditional chinese rice/noodle bowl with some meat on it for dinner but his overall diet was definitely high carb low fat.

Ya I know he used some stuff like that but I was just bringing up how his diet was primarily carbs and that he was the best martial artist ever imo

I've never met a body builder that does fasting. All the body builders Ive ever met (I worked in gyms as a PT) told me how they set an alarm clock at night so they can wake up, eat something and go back to sleep.

Skipping breakfast means your eating later at night. Thats gonna lead to less sleep and more cortisol aka fat storage etc in the long run.

In cycling its well known to have a big breakfast so you can have a lighter dinner and stay leaner despite eating  the same calories.

www.leangains.com everyone on that site is skipping breakfast and they have some serious muscles and are ripped as hell

Steroids work even if you eat big macs. Ive known PLENTY of young men in their late teens/early 20's that 'looked great' yet now all of them have big guts and flabby chins.

Zyzz died at age 21. If you train hard and eat crap. Doesnt matter cos if your on enough drugs you will get results BUT you will pay sooner than later. Its like driving to work at 300kph. You will get their faster than anyone else but...

You gave me a lean gains blog link as 'scientific evidence'. JC!! LOL!

Not sure how many pro bodybuilders/cyclists you know bro but ALL of my mates are on drugs and eat like cyclist/bodybuilders do. A bodybuilder skipping a meal is like a cyclist pedaling with his hands. Yeah newbies might try it cos they don't know better but experienced pro's wouldnt want to waste any drug cycle on some broscience blog with some 5 year old photos.

Judge by results vs theory.

PS: Do you think Zyzz was 'natural' too? 

If Martin is so lean how come he uses so many 5 year old photos lol! Im way leaner and don't have to starve 2 weeks before a photos shoot or use photoshop OR steroids. ;)

But Martin just skips breakfast though..thats his secret. ;)

Well this is 1 month old or something maybe some weeks



Old shot and he still would have fasted for the week to get there. Im as lean on full glycogen and hydration. Its a back shot too..Lets see him in 10 years on his binge purge cycle. He will have a fat gut with shrunken testicles from Andoderm abuse. Not a good representative on health Mr 'Lean Gains' is. 

Gimme any 23 year old with the desire to train and in 2 year of steroids they can look like Zyzz.



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