30 Bananas a Day!

what's a url you ask?

it's the thingy which people click to get them to a webpage.


say you want to go to 30bad. well here's the link for it:


that is your url (uniform resource locator which doesn't mean much to most people so we might as well reduce it to the three letters).


now suppose you don't like all this stuff and just want to have the thing say 30 bananas. you do it by clicking the LINK button at the top left and put your url on the bottom line and your text on the top getting this:

30 bananas


ok that's great! now you know how to use the ning mechanism to code url links into your posts and messages not as explicit urls, but as ordinary text.


however, some situations don't give you the LINK button - like the place on your profile where you get to add your webpage/blog/facebook/myspace stuff.


ha!! no problem, you say! i'll just copy and paste the url in there because i know what one of those things are now!! the idea has merit and it will work some of the time, but not with everything.


for instance, jesus freak (tash) pointed out that she can't get this link to work in her profile:


(thx tash for bringing this to our attention!)


the reason the above doesn't work is because of the hyphens. certain characters don't get 'picked up' by the ning program which is trying to form a linkable url.


no worries because there are several ways to solve this problem.


one is to create your own

tiny url

(this is a handy thing to know btw)


a more direct approach and one which will make you feel more geekish is to code your own html (that's the language browsers understand). here's what tash can type in for instance (without the single quotes):

'<a href="http://healingdiabeteswith80-10-10.blogspot.com">my blog</a>'

and if you want to be even geekier try

'<a href="http://healingdiabeteswith80-10-10.blogspot.com" target="new">my blog</a>'

and see what you have accomplished!


enjoy your urls!


in friendship,



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glad you two found the item useful.

and i see tash that you've coded your profile nicely indeed!

just ask if you have any other issues and we'll see if they can be resolved pronto!


in friendship,


well done ilg!

you're on your way to geekdom!


in friendship,


you are getting too many single quotes in there.


this is probably what you want:

'<a href="http://bananasweb.com/bananas/Health+Benefits+of+Bananas">Health Benefits of Bananas</a>'

(with out the single quotes)


which will produce this:

Health Benefits of Bananas


but not here.

this will work in your profile or probably any ning textbox which isn't set up to do links using the system we have for posts.


in  friendship,




Hahaha - me too!



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