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I ate too much fat yesterday. I normally never go over 6% but I had cooked vegan food last night (which I'm sure had a lot of oil) and today I feel awful.  Is there anyway to quickly clear it out? 

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+1  lots of water and time yup.

citrus is a good anti mucus, and if you put in that fat last night your body probably formed plenty of mucus along your digestive tract making it hard to absorb anything, i always do high citrus after fatty foods, an yes of course water

Oh after eating the fattier cooked food I did have a few oranges last night. Was it bad to mix that with sugar? And I have been craving oranges and grapefruit all morning. Weird, maybe my body is trying to tell me something! 

the body always knows.

I just filled in cronometer from yesterday and at the most I was probably at 13% fat. Is it normal to feel this bad going so little over 10%? (again, I'm normally at 6% or so). I did have cooked food two nights in a row which is very rare. Is it just the cooked food itself? I felt fine yesterday.  Blah. 

You know, I learned a lot today. Cooked food with a higher fat content is worse than a hangover from alcohol. This morning I felt heavy, lethargic, depressed, mentally slow, and anxious. I still feel this way but it is slowly wearing off and I can't wait until it does. I haven't had these feelings since I went raw back in February. I wasn't even vegan before this and I only ate cooked vegan food yesterday yet it has the same effect that SAD food did on me. I also have not craved alcohol since February. When I woke up this morning feeling the way I did I started to crave alcohol and fatty foods.. anything to help me "feel better" even temporarily. How scary. I have  truly realized how addicting cooked, fatty food is.  I have had cooked plain white rice a few times and it has NEVER had this effect on me.

 Wow. Huge eye opener. It's sad that the rest of the world is so blind to this. If only everyone would give this diet 60 days. It's a life changer. When I'm LFRV I'm happy, energetic, inwardly calm, free from addiction and truly grateful. If everyone felt this way what a different world this would be.

Just don't eat it.

Exercise and water! Get that heart pumping and lymph system moving :)

It will take about 48 hours to clear out naturally, however, if you are overt free today, you should steadily start feeling better. 

I actually feel my best eating 955 aka overt fat free myself.  If I eat a high fat meal, I try to do that at night because I know I will instantly feel tired.

Peace, PK

one time after i had gone on a bit of a cooked vegan food binge, which like you pointed out contains oil, i met up with a raw food expert in my area. i didnt tell him what i had eaten but he took one look at me and told me he could tell my liver and kidneys were suffering from too much fat in my blood. he advised that i flush it out with cucumber and water melon. after a day of cucumber-watermelon juice i felt right as rain.

Great! thanks. Did you juice them? Blend them? Or just eat a ton of them? 

I did the same yesterday. There was too much against my choice to not eat. I had agreed to let a friend buy me lunch at an Earth Day Festival, so I assumed there would be something fresh. She was an older lady and really wanted to treat me. There wasn't! Everything was being cooked with a generator. Talk about hypocrisy. The only choice I had that was vegan was so oil. I ate literally a few bites, couldn't finish even half of it (it was richly spiced Indian), had heartburn after, and feel so icky today. 

This is teaching us how to be more aware of when these situations will come up and deal with them. I'm sure that in a day or two we will feel fine. Lots of water rich foods are a great idea. Watermelons, cantaloupes, citrus juices.



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