30 Bananas a Day!

Fruit juice, of course.

I've been smashing 5000+ calories a day lately, 3000+ coming from fruits. I have been high carb for about a year now but lately it has been more like 60-20-20 to help manage eating 5000+ calories. My goal is to stop being called skinny not because I care about people's opinions, but because I want to show people that you can succeed on a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle and to lead by example. It is weird that as soon as you tell them you are vegan they tell you that you are too skinny. It is some sort of phenomenon where people believe that if you are not massively SWOLE like a bodybuilder than veganism doesn't work. It's not ok to be skinny if you are vegan but if you eat meat then that same person isn't skinny.

Me: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130367959@N02/21907844331/in/datepost...

My goal is strength and size. Any advice on building with 80-10-10 despite its reputation for weight loss?

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Dude, you look better than fine. Build more muscle, not fat.

Steroids work incredibly well and that is why all the aesthetic crew on youtube use them.

Ive used them myself and they are incredible addictive if you are into weight training. It is so easy to train when you are on steroids.

Lucky for me Im a cyclist though so I can do my best efforts without steroids as the steroids just put too much muscle on me and killed my climbing times compared to when I was 7kg lighter.

Ive still got 7kg of excess muscle just from doing low dosage testosterone. I hope it drops off soon because I want to crack some PR's haha.

But yeah, all those crew whose identity is based on a stand out physique, they are juicing for sure.

I have the hardest time putting on weight. Regardless of overeatting and training I still stay mid 150 lbs. I don't mind being lean always but I want to be stronger not stuck on a plateau

Eat as much as you can, lift as heavy as you can 3-4 times a week.  You'll gain weight...

Any set and rep suggestions? Rest times? I've done 5-7, 8-12, 12-15 and 20+ rep ranges with no apparent hypertrophy. Could it be that my body might respond better to low rep training for hypertrophy?

Less reps and more weight.  You should aim for 4-6 reps, but less at the end of the workout is fine.  If you're getting up to 8 reps comfortably you need to add more weight.  

Try to minimize rest time. 1-2 minutes should be enough time to catch your breath in between sets.  Getting the whole workout done in 30 minutes but going hard the whole time is way more effective than spending an hour in the gym looking at your phone for 5 minutes in between sets.

Also, make sure you're getting a surplus of calories and protein.  Juice is great for quick energy, but it doesn't really have much protein.  I'd suggest shooting for at least 50g of protein a day.  I've found that any less than that and I won't be making gains.

Getting enough sleep is also extremely important for actually building muscle. 

Also how many sets of 4-6, and full body or split workouts? How many times should I hit each muscle per week? I've tried GTG (grease the groove), every other day, every two days and twice a week. What's a good frequency for low rep training?

2-4 sets per lift. Or until you can't manage 4 reps per set.  I say have only a day break for each muscle before lifting again.  So about 3 full body workouts a week.  Or split it up alternating upper or lower body every day. 

I'll try that then. I did every other day with 5-7 sets of 5-10 reps on average so maybe I just need to hit harder with more intensity for less volume?

You should only be doing 20-30 reps total for each lift. If you're doing more than that you need to up the weight.

20-30 per lift with 1 lift per muscle group? How many exercises per muscle group?



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