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Hi guys,

because of my economy I can not afford to eat all organic. I eat my tomatoes, apples, dates and cucoumber organic. bananas, salad, spinach, oranges, avocado, springonions I can not afford organic and some of them I can not even get organic.

So I am wondering how many is in the same situation? and do you think it still is possible to get good results and rid of pasts diseases etc. even though the diet is not fully organic?

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I don't eat all organic...too expensive...But i try to balance out between organic and conventional fruit/veggies 

I would try to avoid the produce that is most likely to be GMO. Some tomatoes aree spliced with fish DNA.

Apparently Papaya are also commonly GMO or so I've read. Do the best you can, you look amazing.

I eat organic off of the dirty dozen, with the exception of grapes occasionally because the organic ones are too hard to find, and red bell peppers. Other than that I eat conventional, from Costco or Sunflower market. I get all my greens organic from Sunflower Market. I always get annoyed when I go into a market for some fruit on the go and there is nothing organic!!! This is America people, aren't I supposed to be able to get whatever I want???!!! Guess not.

Good idea--there's a reason fo rthe dirty dozen, some food is much more fragile. I also get annoyed when organic is scarce.

Also for home gardeners, remember--getting certified is not easy--produce you grow yourself is not necessarily free of pestisides. It takes a few years for soil to be certified organic. Additionally, if a neighbor sprayed his yard, well--it probably got to your's too.

I do not eat organic either. I don't have any problems with it - but I will say that I do not have a comparison.

I don't eat organic at all :) No biggie. It still works for me ;)

Interesting :) I will try and go for the veggies and fruits without peel organic and others conventionally grown. But it is acutally interesting about how much we can trust whether it is organic or not... I have heard alot about farmers both having organic and conventional produce and they jsut mix it up. So really what you buy conventionally can be organic and the other way around. And organic is really also a good way of making maoney and do not never trust anyone who is in it for the money.. Luckely my grandma has a backyard with salad, plums, peard, strawberries etc but that is only in summertime.

Organic is not an easy way to make money.  It's very expensive for farmers because it's very labor intensive.
Organic is not an easy way to make money.  It's very expensive for farmers because it's very labor intensive.
Organic is not an easy way to make money.  It's very expensive for farmers because it's very labor intensive.

i believe so. 

i'm not eating any organic food (expensive and not available most of the time. )

i do think organic is better, but i witness a great positive change in my health even without it.

i thought about growing my own greens, but for now it's only a fantasy.

I am so glad to see other who also do not eat all organic. The cost kept me from going raw for too long. Even at the conventional cost it is expensive to be all raw! But, I have decided to give it my best shot! In the summer I have a big garden and grow all the veggies I can.  I also have grapes and blackberries.  I have planted some apple trees, but they are small.  So, I mostly eat conventional produce for now, especially in the winter.  I must say the my organic garden tomatoes in the summer are the BEST!  I miss them greatly!  I think we just have to do the best we can and it is still way better than the SAD diet!!!


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