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Hi guys,

because of my economy I can not afford to eat all organic. I eat my tomatoes, apples, dates and cucoumber organic. bananas, salad, spinach, oranges, avocado, springonions I can not afford organic and some of them I can not even get organic.

So I am wondering how many is in the same situation? and do you think it still is possible to get good results and rid of pasts diseases etc. even though the diet is not fully organic?

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interesting point, Elias



I'd be surprised if many Europeans can afford all organic & Australians too. Americans more likely.

When my diet was more a high fat raw vegan diet with little fruit.  I bought only organic.  Now that my diet is mainly fruit, I canʻt afford all organic fruit. Not only the money, its the variety in the Tucson Az area. If I ate only organic I would not be able to get tangerines or pineapple,  for example.  If I did not eat the non-organic I would starve.  Now there are some items that I believe are heavy on the pestsides - grapes, berries, cherries, apples, cucumber, lettuces & leafy greens, carrots. I buy the organic only on those items.  I think also the tangerines and oranges are heavily sprayed, it even mentions it on the Cutties bags. I eat the oranges any way because I have been having a tough time getting a variety of fruit. I just take my chances and not dwell too much because worrying too much can also make you sick. Besides, I have been into the organics since to ʻ90ʻs and they have changed alot, I think big Agra is mainly in charge of the organics these days, they canʻt be trusted to produce TRUELY organic produce -they are profit driven. They cheat and lye anyways! 

I don't eat 100% organic, but I'd say it's upwards of 90%. I don't bother buying organic papayas or even organic dates sometimes, as they're twice as much and sometimes of lesser quality than the conventional stuff. I always buy organic veggies, organic apples and organic oranges. Most of the time I buy organic bananas because they taste better. Fairtrade organic is theeee best. Some things are impossible to find organic like dragon fruit and guavas, so I just buy the conventional ones as a treat from time to time. Organic is better for you and the environment (especially the bees!) but sometimes it's just not an option and that's okay. I say strive to buy organic when you eat the skin (even though pesticides go into the fruit itself through the roots, but for some reason that doesn't bother me as much as eating pesticide-laden skin) and for the other stuff, if you can't afford or find it organic, then don't worry about it.

this is a pretty help full guide to pesticide amounts on conventional produce


Except for occasional organic dried dates I eat only conventional produce. Sometimes I get things like local apples etc from farmers market which I believe are organic plus some greens and berries, tomatoes, zuccini from my own garden in the summer. But it isn't a big part of what I eat.

I don't eat organic. Too expensive, plus the store I shop at has a crappy organic section. But I do try to get some organic bananas, apples, spinach/lettuce is ALWAYS organic. I can taste the chemicals on lettuce.

Here in Madison, WI, USA you can consistently get 99 cent/lb organic bananas at conventional 49 cent/lb prices in the coop's

discount bin. The other day I grabbed a big 50 lb box of organic fair trade bananas for $25 at the local coop. Trader Joe's has bags of organic oranges for under $1/lb. I get all the vegis organic at the coop or sometimes whole foods. I relax on the peeled fruit unless its a really good deal. Trader Joe's has those frozen bags of organic raspberries at a good deal and conventional mangoes and pineapple frozen at decent prices. Real convenient - I'll just pop in the frozen in 5 minutes between guitar students. My friend took me to costco and I grabbed organic spinach and conventional cantaloup and watermelon...When it gets warm the farmer's market is incredible for all locally grown anything, but theres no bananas grown around here!

When I was in Israel, the organic produce I saw tended to look sad and overpriced and the regular market was just booming. I got the sense that some of the conventional stuff may have been grown organically - just old school. Other stuff like strawberries seemed to be pumped up with coloring and/or lord knows what...I imagine the organic scene will improve there and I've heard of CSA's starting up.

my bananas, oranges, pineapple and melon i buy non-organic, and all my veggies i buy organic plus apples organic-- basically if they have a thick skin i dont buy organic

I don't eat any organic food, even though I'd like to. The cost and limited range are problems, but for me the main thing is that the organic produce never looks very fresh.

I don't eat all organic...too expensive...But i try to balance out between organic and conventional fruit/veggies 


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