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Hi guys,

because of my economy I can not afford to eat all organic. I eat my tomatoes, apples, dates and cucoumber organic. bananas, salad, spinach, oranges, avocado, springonions I can not afford organic and some of them I can not even get organic.

So I am wondering how many is in the same situation? and do you think it still is possible to get good results and rid of pasts diseases etc. even though the diet is not fully organic?

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I'm in university and I'm poor as F**k, but still doing this diet. I live off LOANS, doesn't mean I'm rich, just $30,000 dollars in debt..

Pretty much... that's me too lol

I personally don't eat anything organic. I have few organic lemons but that's all. In my country there isn't lots of organic fruit/vegetables. They always have just few bananas, carrots, onion, tomatoes, potatoes,garlic and that's all. I haven't seen any organic greens or something yet. It is really expensive and because I don't pay for my food I rather choose cheaper conventional fruit. When I will make my own money it will be different but now... 

I used to buy some organic dates but they made me very bloated and gassy so I don't buy any dried fruit anymore. 

And yes I think it's possible to get good results even without organic fruit. My skin looks amazing now and I'm finally gaining weight(I was underweght before).

it make make the last difference, if you know what I mean. To get a 100% results one must be a 100%. But it is almost impossible for most of us inhere. Just breathing in the air near a road is real bad. So it would take tons of changes, but this is one of them :) but everyone has to start somewhere. Unfortunately I can only afford nonorganic spinach. it costs about 3 dollars for 250 gr and organic costs 6 dollars for 150 gr :S And since I eat 250 gr per day it would be tooo exspensive

250g of organic spinach can sell for 10-15US$ here in Australia.

You can always harvest wild weeds for free. There is many palatable wild greens like malva and purslane. Look up Sergei Boutenko's work on edible greens. Just dont eat the really bitter crap that shouldnt be eaten lol! If it makes your face screw up, thats the body saying something.

yep I know :S Hey and a merry christmas to yall!

To you too :)

Dr G says it makes a BIG difference.  I don't eat organic either, but this week I've had more nudges in that direction; firstly a checkout lady at the supermarket commented on my pile of grapes, that they were known to be the most heavily-chemical fruits, and need thorough washing.  Then I was reading a rawfood book which stressed the extreme chemical contamination of non-organic tomatoes, pears and grapes...now this thread!  I did not know it was so with spinach too, and I just love it, also chard, never wash because it gets so soggy.

It makes sense that if we hope to be really vital and thrive, we are going to be restricted by continuing to ingest toxicity from agrichemicals.

Organic doesnt mean pesticide free. I'd rather waste less money and get more produce than spend 2$ on some 'organic' spinach which is still full of pesticides. The only true organic food is the one that you grow in your backyard.

I agree mostly.  There are some things - organic apples, pears and mango taste less chemically treated than non organic. But I have heard Michael Pollan(Omnivores Delemma) who has visited the food growers say that organic is not pesticide free.  

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think that while they're not allowed to use chemical pesticides with organic produce they can still use organic pesticides.   Big difference between ingesting organic pesticides and chemical pesticides IMO.

If I eat all organic for a few weeks then eat  a non organic mango or something I can definitely feel a negative reaction in my body.

Thats some true words, ive heard that even organic bananas are "GMO" or something similar, but who knows right.


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