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How long does it take to finish detoxing and heal on this diet?!

I was a lfrv 2 years ago and ultimately failed due to lacking calories. And now after going through every diet imaginable trying to heal my health problems, here I am on 80/10/10 again. No other diet (or lifestyle if Harley is reading) worked... And I gave the whole spectrum a good run.

I've been doing lfrv hardcore for the last two weeks and have been going through some pretty extreme detox. The crazy thing is some days I feel better than I ever have and other days I'm too sick to go to work or school!

my question is, how long does it generally take for this initial detox to end?! The reason I want to keep going is because I have moments and even days when I feel so close to being healed, and then the next day I feel like I'm sick!!!

I've been getting more calories and have been trying to eat as much as I could handle. So did any of you experience this at first, and if so, how long did I it take to go away. (if it did)

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I've been going through the same...Went lfrv just earlier this month and like you I'll have really good days and really crappy days. This past week was horrible. Felt like complete crap and today out of nowhere BOOM I feel amazing again. While I don't know how long this will go on, if I had to guess I'm going to say that no one probably knows because everyone is different and has different issues or variables if you want to call them that. Stay fruity!

Yeah that make sense. I guess I'm just hoping this turns into a success story for the both of us!

Fruitarians seem to be the most attractive poeple, so hopefully attractiveness has a direct correlation with health!

hi there,

I am not sure how long the detox symptoms will last... I have had highs and lows as well, for the first month I felt very high, and positive, then I felt like not-eating, and then I crashed low.. as you can see from my thread... anyway, I have gone up again, presumably because i have spoken to my friends in 3d world :o) and then I have at the moment reached a plateau and am not sure where it is taking me this time...


other things that have happened from this lifestyle? cured my panic attacks, bar one, and also feel very confident and sane..




p.s. good luck - I've heard it can take a couple of years to completely heal! :oO

Thanks for sharing!  Thats awesome that you cured your panic attacks!  I've had some mental issues as well that I'm trying to resolve...  

Even if it took a couple years then it would definitely be worth it!!!!!

well by the two years I am having very few bad days and more and more good days, if I am doing this lifestyle correctly, but first two months was hard core detox as I switched all the way from SAD to hcrv.

Glad to hear that it worked for you!  So hopefully it will only be about a month and a half of this detox, I think I could get through that...  So did you have any health problems that you fixed on this diet?

I don´t have acne anymore or very little, I have far more energy than before and my emotional stability is very good. I also start to explore what I really want to do in my life versus what society exect me to do. Increased confidence and feeling good all the time are another benefits.

A quick answer to your title is a year for every decade on the SAD provided you don't have any serious underlying illness.

Initial feeling of detox is often because someone is missing a part of the lifestyle.  Extra (enough) rest and sleep, hydration, ripe fruit, enough calories, etc.

Questions to ask yourself:

How many calories am I getting?  10 times my weight in kilos times 4 and then add more for activity.  Log it everyday on chronometer, weigh your food.  After the first few weeks, you can start doing this every other day.  It is so easy to slip back on calories accidentally.

How much rest and sleep am I getting?  Could I sleep more if I wanted?  Then you would benefit from more sleep.  Getting extra rest is so important during any healing "crisis", it makes a huge difference!

Am I peeing 10-15 times in a 24 hour period?  This means that you are hydrated.

Get to know what ripe fruit looks like.  One lady who's blog I read ate mostly unripe fruit for 9 months and concluded 811 didn't work for her.  :(    How to pick ripe fruit

Wow, this info was so helpful! Thanks, I will definetly try everything you said :). Especially with the calories and sleeping!

yes, the detox intensity should diminish over time, but especially in the beginning stages, there might also be some ways to control the intensity of it:

- the more energy gets spent digesting, the less energy will remain for detox, so by eating foods in harder-to-digest forms might slow down detox (a good example of this would be eating your greens whole as opposed to eating them blended or even juiced)

-the more energy gets spent recovering from sports, the less energy will remain for detox, so if your body has to recover from weight lifting excercise, it will not be able to detox so much

-then the calories, it is vital to eat enough (not just for slowing down detox), the more you undereat, the faster your stored fat will dissolve, and the more crap that was so neatly "packed" between that fat, will be dumped in your bloodstream at once (intensive detox)...I probarly don't need to explain why a 500 calorie green-juice diet might trigger a severe, possibly even dangerous detox for a 300-pound man who would jump right into it

-only as a last resort, since I am in no way fond of cooked food, you could eat some lightly steamed vegetables to surpress some extreme detox symptoms and live to fight another day

Thes are just my observations, personally I am usually a "hit it hard and get it over with" kind of guy, but safety should always come first, so in some cases "landing the plane slowly" might be the smart option.

Thank you! thats a lot of good advice... I'm totally tempted to slow down the detox, but I'm like you where I like to hit it hard... Because the fater I'm healed the better, even if it's more intense.


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