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hey yall, just read this article.  love to hear what yall think.


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i knew it! no more greens for me!  fruit during the day and i am switching to swanson tv dinners at night.  play it safe is what i say.

Just eat tender greens. The darker  (and older) the greens, the higher the oxalic acid, so kale and spinach are off the plate if you want to keep it safe.

I think its a load of crap article that is jumping on the controversial marketing technique to incite fear.

It does not go into the quantity of how many green are consumed and frankly I think this is one of the dumbest reasons to not drink green smoothies...there are plenty of reasons this person could've come up with, but they chose to focus on the scariest possible reason, without giving any tangible evidence concerning quantities.

How big is a small salad?  And how does putting butter on it stop oxalate crystals from forming?  And if cooking has no significance on oxalates, why do they suggest cooking greens at the end of the article?  And why is there only one source listed in such a scientifically based article?  Critical thinking is a life-saver.

Instead of saying don't consume this much oxalate foods they said to completely skip green smoothies, which is just not supported by the evidence of the article. I can't stand when people try to demonize fruits & vegetables. 

We already discussed this article on another thread.  If you look at the site that it is from, it is a Paleo site, so naturally they have a bias.

I do think people can go overboard on the oxalates if they are consuming massive quantities of greens such as mature spinach, kale and swiss chard in their smoothies.  If you are eating your greens, then you will naturally not eat too much of these because they are bitter and hard to chew and have an unpleasant metallic taste.

that makes sense.

Wow, you said everything I was thinking. Agreed. 

totalyl agree :)

I agree! I used to have stones and fungal nails. since I eat loads of this stuff it went away. Total BS!!!! It is a hit piece on health.

"Be sure to serve cooked leafy greens with butter for maximum absorption of minerals."

.................WOW. just another jack ass who doesnt know what they are talking about! gotta love that butter! might as well eat the stick of butter, its faster.... this is joke. dont waste your time reading this

By the way it is already recommended in this lifestyle to eat tender, young greens. 

I have the food combining chart that Dr. D made and kale, Broccoli and Chard is on there. However blending those hardier veggies with fruit is not recommended. I personally never tried it.  I prefer lettuce in my green smoothie.

LOL!  Sadly I have known a few people who have been convinced of this despite having awareness and experience living a vegan, raw lifestyle, but undernourished. 



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