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Hi, I know this is no quick fix! I'm just curious how fast people lost weight. What weight did you start at? How much did you lose and how long did it take you to lose that? Are you 811 raw vegan or just 811? Thanks!

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It'll be interesting to see the replies. I can tell you in advance though, that it varies hugely. So many factors come into play, and there's no real way of accurately predicting how our bodies will respond to 811 initially and through the detox period. In the long-run though, the results are the same - healthy inside and out :)

Losing "weight" and getting smaller and healthier are two different things. I've lost 14 pounds in 2 1/2 months. The first 7 pounds was water weights and came
off the first week. 

That sounds pretty steady! Thats great! Especially considering that 5lbs of fat is about the equivalent size of 3 small grapefruits. 

Freelee & Victoria both said it took them a year and a half. But that it could take others longer. I'm just starting so I'm curious also. But I'm telling my self 18 month minimum. If I lose it fast then all the better LOL

But I'm telling my self 18 month minimum.

I think this is exactly the right mentality to start with! :) Keep the focus on long-term health and let our bodies do their thing.

Thanks Jon :-)

That's a good idea! I think I'll try to do that. I'm an impatient person and sometimes I expect everything to happen within 1 month so maybe giving it a minimum of 18 months will help me with accepting that my health is more important than weight loss! Thanks for the tip!

Is that when they started losing or when they we're done? :)

I'm 4 1/2 weeks into this diet and started at 145. I'm 137 now. Took me a week for 139 and I'm gradually losing. I think this is my ideal weight though and I'm not losing much. I'm 16 and 6"1

Wow you're about my age! (I'm 15). That's cool I haven't met many other teens trying to do this! you are tall though so even 137 is very low for you height! but that sounds pretty quick to me. Are you doing Raw vegan as well or just 80/10/10

Yeah, I'm 17 and I've had a rocky start going into the hospital right after beginning this lifestyle, but I'm eating Raw Til 4 and doing better every day.  I started at 172 lbs!  I'm 157 right now, and I really want to fit back into the jeans I wore a little over a year ago.  It's hard to look at the health side when all you want to do is lose the fat now!  But I'm going to keep hoping for a pound a week, without looking at the scale.  Seriously, I have to have my mom lock up the scale because of my past disordered eating tendencies.  Wish me luck!

When I started raw 11 years ago i never heard of 80/10/10 but I did eat  a lot of fruit and it was very close to 80/10/10. i was about  30 to 35 pounds overweight. I started losing weight right away. but I have no history of eating disorders so I do not know if that is why I never gained. The only time I gained weight is when I would go off and eat high fat vegan.   I think for people with no history of eating disorders they do lose weight right away.

I knew one person who did not lose weight but she had thyroid issues. 


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