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I would like to run at least 4-5 times a week but for it's  not really the case. However, i started to run everyday for 3 days last week. Not a long race, around 30 to 40mn...

Yesterday i decided to push a bit and see what time i will make for 10km - it was a nice way to compare in 2003 when i used to run long race.

I was pretty happy with my time because i ran 10km in 43mn and i didn't "forced" or run faster. However i starded to feel a bit tired as the end of the day, and this morning i feel i have some curvature (leg/thigh) - i was wondering what i could do to improve my recovery.

To help you to get the real thing - i put below what i ate 2 days before & saturday, my hours of sleep and what i drunk? 


wake up at 10am - 1 cup of water - 30mn after a kind of datorade ( 10 dates and water blended ) - around 11/11.30am some dates...

Around 2.30pm/3pm : a plate of salad with cherry tomatoes and celery...// a small plate of lentils with cauliflowers, celery, tomatoes, carots ( cooked )

diner around 9pm: a big bowl of bananas ( maybe 6/8)) , apples (2) , soaked raisin, dates (4) topped with (spinach (handfull) and water blended )

Went to bed at : 1am


wake up at 10am - 1 liter of water

around 1.30pm - a big bowl of bananas ( 8) , apples (3), soaked raisins, dattes (4/5) - topped with spinach (2handfull and water blended)

Maybe 1 liter of water in the afternoon

Diner around 9pm: plate of lettuce, with raw cauliflowers, tomatoes topped with orange juice.

a big plate of lentils with cauliflowers, zuchinni, eggplants, tomatoes, carrots & shallot ( cooked)

went to bed at 1.30am


wake up at 9am

1 liter of water around 10.30am

from 12.45am to 1.28pm - race of 10km - around 1 liter of water

around 2.30pm - a big bowl of bananas (8), dates (8/10), soaked raisin - topped with lettuce and water blended...

In the end of afternoon around 1liter of water

around 9.30pm - big plate of salad with tomatoes, carrots, cauliflowers, few bits of avocado with lemon juice.  A big plate of lentils with potatoes, carrots, cauliflowers, eggplants, zuchinni, curcuma, shallot, tomatoes...

went to bed at 0.30am


Wake up at 9.30am - 1liter of water 

it's 10am now i guess i will eat around 11am - not hungry for now

i guess when i read what i wrote that i need more water & more sleep 

i want to perform better and improve my eating habits...

in the past i've got some craving for nuts butter, bread, rice....now i don't have craving at least in the same way, but i realize that i have a strong desire for beans & lentils...

I would like one day to follow a low fat raw vegan diet - but for now i feel it's more easy for me to be mostly raw -  but an 80/10/10 diet in the sense of 80% of my carbs come from carbs ( mostly fruits ) - i'm not sure if i do it well- maybe not - i went through different periods , and now i don't have a desire for grains, bread or anymore - sometimes i like a raw bread but it's rarely. no more grains or unusually and i prefer quinoa if i do it - more easy to digest for me...


Having say that, if you have some tips, suggestions, things that i could do to do it better and recovery faster 

thanks for your help


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mate, you need to go to bed much earlier


I get ready for bed when the sun sets and wake with the sun. It takes me less then 5 minutes each night to get to sleep and I wake feeling energized.

I noticed you aren't eating anything before you race. That will greatly hinder performance. I'd recommend eating about 1.5 hrs before a race and then eating a high glycemic fruit (bananas, mangos, dates...) right after the race to replace the muscles glycogen lost during the run. This is vital to a quick recovery and should not be delayed.  Do not think about having your salad/protein source right after the workout. Replacing glycogen is the most important at that time. You would want to eat the salad about two hours after to help repair your muscles. But remember that glycogen comes first. You need to wait for your body to get rid of the metabolic wastes first.

If there is one rule to remember about recovery it is this:

Never let your glycemic levels drop. As soon as you do you'll be eating your muscle, energy, gains... Always keep carbed up.

It looks to me like you have a huge gap when you don't get enough carbs and that seems to be when you're eating your salad so maybe if you had something an hour before the salad, like a melon (which is digested very quickly and would also help to replenish water) that would keep your sugars topped up.

Hi Simple Blue,

Do you have a menu example that i could eat before, during and after a workout. I know that i didn't sleep enough and i didn't get enough carbs before the race...however i was surprised by the result. i mean in 2003 i used to run 3/4 times a week and did 2/3 marathon- at this period of time my time for 10km was around 50/55mn during a training - 9 years after i did it in 43mn and i'm not training on a reagularly basis - it's more here & there around once a week- so i realized i could do it better, if i put the right ingredients...if you have an example of a kind of menu plan i could follow - it will be great - thanks for your help...

I'm by no means an expert but from all that I've read there is a common theme about how to eat before, during and after a workout..

Here is an example of my schedule:

6:00 am - Wake and drink a litre of water (brush teeth, get shower/dressed, clean the house..)

6:30 am - Eat bananas (I eat about 5 but you'll likely eat more)

8:00 am - Workout for 30-45 minutes

9:00 am - Aim to eat a fruit with low fibre and that digests quickly (mangoes, bananas, dates, melons) I like to eat mangos. I don't recommend fruits like apples, pears, oranges as they release sugars more slowly.

12:00 pm - Big salad (if you feel hungry for carbs then swap this meal for the dinner meal. listen to your body). A salad might be a head of romain lettuce, 1/2 an avocado, cucumber, tomato, red peppers...

4:00 pm - Dinner - More fruit (papaya, mangoes, apples...)

8:00 pm - Bedtime snack and lights out. Not everyone does this but I feel I get too hungry to go to sleep if I don't... Read with a dim light...

10:00 pm - Asleep

This is just an example and you'd need to adjust if for yourself but it's a start.

When I eat fruit I prefer to eat mono meals so I would just have one fruit for one meal. This way my body can better gauge when I've eaten enough. As for calories during running I'm not sure. Usually my workouts are short enough that I don't need to replenish while working out.

I would never recommend racing on empty. That's not a winning strategy...

I just eat until my body gives me the signal to stop eating. I don't want to eat too little and I don't want to eat too much because I'd feel uncomfortable during the run. I don't like the idea of drinking grapefruit juice though. Doesn't sound like that would provide nearly enough calories. And within 3 hours your blood sugars would have dropped for sure.

your eating too late in the morning and then eating too late at night and therefore going to bed too late.

Get up at sunrise, go to bed near sunrise. Kenyan style.

Get a basic running programme. Understand it will take 4-8 years to see your best times coming out. Build up SLOWLY or get used to getting constantly injured.



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