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I love my pineapple in my smoothies, but I get pretty long fibers in my smoothies using the Blendtec. Any tips or suggestions? Do you think blending with ice makes it worse? 


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If you cut out the hard core, and blend for at least 25 seconds with some water and other fruits of your choice (mine are bananas, papayas), you should not have any fiber left. Select the XLarge Smoothie option from your preprograms. I reprogrammed my Blendtec this selection to the #1 button, so all I have to push is that one button, instead of keep selecting different programs.

I drink pineapple smoothie 2-3x a week. 

Thanks, Real &Yogaranka!  I shall try out both suggestions. 

I have a vita mix. I eat at least a pineapple a day. It has never given a problem with fibers. I did notice that the Papaya that has already been mentioned, gives a wonderful smooth taste and texture. A silky texture.


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