30 Bananas a Day!

I mean people are consuming so much fat typically, under sleeping, running around dehydrated and then when they eat something sweet, BAMM sugar levels jump around.


Here is a vid where I talk more about it. Too see my blood sugar test youtube vid, check my channel.


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Hey Harley


lol, excellent video. love the helmet tip. I'll be sure to remember that one next time I fall unconscious from a sugar rush.


What video editing software are you using? - looks very pro!


Don't forget about protein, and how that boosts blood sugar levels via cortisol. And refined sugars :o)


Take care


Adam x

Hi Adam. Do you have any links to info on how protein and cortisol affect blood sugar? Thx.


Thanks for the video DR. Very informative and fun : ) 

Hey mmmamey


There isn't a lot of information available on protein and its effects on cortisol production I'm afraid that I can readily find. What I do know, and where I first heard about it, was through this study only the abstract is available for free unfortunately, but if you can pay then you can get more info. Also, check out Dr Adiel Tel Orens free web seminar series "The Truth about your foods" on protein, which contains a lot of information on this subject, as well as his sugar lecture, in which he talks some more about protein and cortisol. Whilst I don't agree with his views on fasting, supplementation and fats for people who live in cities, overall he has heaps of scientific information about high fruit, low protein diets. I loved this series. 


There is a lot more info about cortisol on the blood sugar generally available though, which ties the two in nicely. google it, pick up a physiology book or a good nutrition textbook. Internets a good place to start though.


Take care


Adam x

Thanks Adam. The study seems really interesting. I wonder what percentages they used for their high protein vs. high carb diets?

Also, thanks for introducing me to Dr Adiel Tel Orens. I'm listening to his free audio lectures now. I look forward to hearing his scientific info on high fruit low protein diets. While listening, I'll keep in mind that he was selling some products that I wouldn't buy on his other website: http://www.ecopolitan.com/


All the best. 

Hey mmmamey


It is indeed. The high protein diet consisted of 44% protein, 35% carbohydrate, and 21% fat and supplied between 2400 and 2500 kilocalories per day (kcals/d). The higher carb diet contained approximately 2450
kcals/d, 70% CHO, 10% PRO, 20% fat.


Yes, I agree, it's good to keep in mind that he sells things. But for most of the information, that won't be necessary to keep in mind as it's pretty sound.


Also, I forgot about this site (the site that I actually learned about raw foods for the first ever time), which has a great page on protein and stress hormones.


Take care


Adam x

Thanks so much Adam : ) 


I'm actually enjoying listening to Dr. T's many super long lectures. Despite the fact that he advocates eating sprouted beans and grains as well as up to 40% of calories from certain fats, as you mentioned, he does provide interesting biochemistry info.  


Also, I appreciate the info on high protein diets during pregnancy. Thanks again. 

Hey Mmmamey


Glad you're enjoying them. Yes, as I say I don't agree with everything he says but  I do think he has some good info. As regards the sprouting, I don't really like them or think they are worth the hype they get from raw foodists outside of the lfrv community, but I do think its noteworthy that he does only advocate sprouting gluten-free grains, which I don't actually think are that harmful, just not optimal for humans. And he does believe are naturally best adapted to an ultra low fat diet, if we live in warm, clean or tropical environments. It's just he seems to believe that consuming extra fat will be helpful if you live in a city or polluted environment. I disagree.


Take care


Adam x

If you do get a chance to read it, it will be great if you can share what you learn from it. Thx.

Very funny Harley.   I called out Robb Wolf once in his blog when he said he feared for the sugar crash of those 30bad people.  Did not get a response, but at least he did not delete my msg.


But, I wonder how being fit fits into the equation.   Being fit and doing a workout before breakfast, as DR did before the blood glucose level test vid, I'm guessing, may help keep the level from spiking and get the level back to normal quicker.   I'm going to experiment and see if this helps for me.

And you'll be forever known as the boy who cried(or called out) 'Wolf' :P


¡¡ ʍɐɹ uʍop ǝpısdn pןɹoʍ ǝɥʇ ƃuıuɹnʇ - sʇsod ʎzzıp

I could be sedentary but who on earth on this forum withers their life away farting into the couch?


I mean people on this forum are making love, using their bodies, chasing and playing with their kids, getting stuff done..who on earth is sitting around doing nothing so they have to fear eating a meal of fruit? Anorexics I guess.


If your in hospital then your most likely dont have an appetite...

If you want high energy so you can stop farting into the couch watching Jerry Springer re-runs then read 811 and calorie up! 

Hahah. Ahh we're never let down with your spectacular videos, Harley! Another gem.


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