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Hi there all,

My partner and I are living in the Gulf Islands in BC, Canada. We've decided that we will stay here throughout the summer but make our way back down south to the LA area, where both of us lived a few years ago. We'd love to get connected to do some house-sitting while we are there during the winter months, Oct-April/May. I was wondering if any one had any connections or knows of someone that needs a house-sitter. I am a yoga instructor and have been working in the service industry and my partner is an actor and writer. We both have had lots of experience in odd jobs and are willing to do what we need to in order to help out and make this work. Preferably we'd love to be around the Sierra Madre area which is just a little north of LA near Altadena. Or we would love to be in the Santa Monica/Venice area, but honestly any where that we could house-sit during these months would just be a bonus. 

Please contact me through this thread or email me at chantal-johnson@hotmail.com

Thank you all so much, sending love to all!


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Wow... now I'd say this is a very interesting 'coincidence'. I'm in BC right now, going to stay for the summer, and then, in September, I'm on my way to California. And not just California, but Altadena! Annnnd.... I have a friend who lives at the edge of Sierra Madre (and has lived in several homes there in the past), who I'll be visiting when I arrive. I can check with all my contacts down there to see if there are any odd jobs they know of or house-sitting opportunities. I'll email you if I hear of anything.

Also, I'm looking for a place to live for the summer. Wonder if you know of anyone out on Salt Spring who has a room available, something to rent, or a work-exchange, or house-sitting. If you know of any options, let me know. :)

Hey Jon, 

This is great! I love how the world works :) 

Well in regards to Salt Spring I don't personally know of any one that has a room or a place to rent, but I will keep my eyes and ears open. Also, if you don't already know, I'll pass along www.thesaltspringexchange.com this is a website for the community of Salt Spring to help and post listings for people who need a place to live, tenants for a suite, jobs needed, people needing jobs.....the list goes on. It's really helpful and since we're into May now, it'll have a TON of postings. W-O-O-Fing is also an option. You don't get paid much but can live and eat for free. It stands for Working On Organic Farms. Lots of young people who live here do this. I would just check the exchange website above of more information of people needing help at their farms and such.

Yes, please do send along any and all information that you have. I appreciate the help and will return what I can. Have a beautiful day!

Hey Chantal. I just arrived in Altadena (much earlier than planned), so thought I'd touch base with you. I'll start asking around for house-sitting opportunities for you. Also, let me know when you arrive in the fall and maybe we can all get together for a fruit-filled lunch :)

This is fantastic Jon. I'm so excited for you and for my partner and I to join you in Southern California shortly. We will be there the first few weeks of September and would love to connect for a fruity picnic and hike maybe?

Keep in touch!

Definitely. Apparently there's some good hikes right around here, and I'll be scouting them out over the summer! I'm trying to find some 811ers around here too, so hopefully we'll have a crew of us to hike, walk, ride and potluck :)


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