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Article on Horse Slaughter in the U.S.


They cannot agree on things everyone here in the U.S. wants to see enacted, but they can agree upon and pass legislation that would legalize Horse Slaughter for human consumption in the U.S., which 70% of people do not want?  


One of the things Obama promised to do was to stop the export of horses for slaughter, was this the way he meant that promise? Who are politicians? Are they even human?


I know all animals being slaughtered is wrong, but living with horses and spending upwards of 6 hours a day with them, this upsets me so much, I don't even know what to do with myself right now. I need to go hug my big boys and girls....

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Attached, the screen I got after submitting my thoughts on horse slaughter in the U.S. nice touch....... Perhaps I simply need some alcohol and celebrity drivel to distract me...


It's a hard reality to accept...I feel the same way about dog and cat meat in asia...I'm just not sure where the market in the US is...its a sad day

so true! :(

It sounds to me, from what I've read about it, that most of it would be shipped off to places like Asia.

F--k you, US congress and Obama for signing this bill.

Yeah those were totally my emotions... well after the shock and disbelief

Absolutely disgusting

So I shared this link on facebook and this is the response I got back


"Who cares we got bigger problems. Ppl more concerned with animals than ppl'

Yeah I've seen that sort of thing too Kristen, it's really sad because people do not see the overlap, how being kind benefits in all sorts of ways, or the incongruity of being "caring" in one way and callus in another. It's really messed up.

I agree, and more and more as time goes on, I see the connection of how we treat animals having such an impact on so many other things. Our lives in the U.S. are largely not in line, they're out of sync, and it's causing all sorts of problems. 

That said though, I am not trying to argue any people into veganism, etc on this issue. Although I agree that all things can and should be worked on, I find that I have to find common ground with a person before they'll listen to me. I can rail against them or try to out-debate them, but it's not my thing.  


Since some of these people are so out of sync with what I understand, I have been trying to address the issue as one of how the political system is skewed and how "Representatives" are not in fact representing the 70% of U.S. citizens who are against horse slaughter.


This allows those who could care less about animals to think "huh, how will I be screwed over under this system?" So I'm trying to address their self interest, while putting in some "gentle" statements that hopefully will cause them to think about the (im)morality of killing animals as well.


Why? Because if we can't even have what we agree on, what is the point of debate? I mean if the majority of people finally decided that killing any animals for food (that would be awesome!) is not OK, but the government supported animal slaughter anyway and used tax money to subsidize it, what is gained?


I am operating under the assumption that education will allow society to move in a positive direction, at least I sure hope it will! It worked for me anyway. I'm not ready for guillotines to start coming out at this point, regardless of how my emotions are running.


That's where I am and why I'm not trying to lump it all together. I do think we SHOULD work on all the things that are whacked right now, there are so many. But I see trying to make people go vegan while trying to stop the horse slaughter item in the legislation, as a self limiting thing. As soon as people hear "vegan" they are now fighting against a straw man and will not listen to me. It's very much like if I say I am a Christian, people suddenly make all sorts of assumptions about me that are incorrect and they end up debating Jerry Falwell instead of having a conversation with me.


Anyway, I personally don't multi-task very well and like things one at a time, more only as I find I can handle the flow well.


But for all you guys who can do many things at once, go for it!!! If you can help stop horse slaughter and make more vegans, that will be fantastic! :)


P.S. I do agree that the animal holocaust has to stop and the more I think about it the more I cannot believe how I used to believe, it just doesn't make sense.

I am seeing a lot more "who cares" type of comments than I was expecting, especially on pages of friends of mine who are huge horse people, it's shocking how many of their friends see it as something "silly" to care about.

People don't seem to seem to see all the incongruities in our lives and actions and beliefs. I know we have to be pragmatic sometimes and do what we can and not necessarily what is ideal, but at least shouldn't we be moving in that general direction?


If someone is a friend and cares about something I don't care about, why would I tease them about it or say something nasty? At MOST I would post a reasoned response in light of our friendship, or send them a private message explaining my disagreement, or possibly would not say anything at all.


One friend of mine on FB re-shared the link I shared and one of her friends posted a recipe for horse roast. That's just callus and nasty! I asked if he'd like to have a recipe posted from Grandma roast, or if he'd like to see dog and cat slaughter instituted (he's a dog owner) at tax payer expense.

So far it sounds as if he is playing it off as a joke, well I get dry humor but I think it was insensitive. I doubt he is evil though, he is that person's friend and they are great. I suspect it's a disconnect, he just doesn't understand the real issues involved. I think a lot of people make better decisions once they understand things better, some don't it's true, but a lot do.


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