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A big part of why I signed up is not being able to find the answers to certain questions re: the 811 lifestyle on my own. I'm hoping someone can help answer this question:

On SAD diets and high fat diets, one might gain weight on a 900 calorie diet because fats sludge up the blood and lymph system preventing cells from absorbing nutrients resulting in the storage of those things in fat cells, hence weight gain.

I understand this, but what I'm wondering is how the body gets rid of the fat one's already storing. I've read again and again that the body only offloads fat as a last-ditch, desperate effort, and will do everything possible to cling to it in the interim. So how does the fat go? Is it that the vitality inherent in this sleep+water+sugar lifestyle fills people with so much energy that they literally can't not run out the door and off on a 10K every day, hence leading to fat burn? Is it that the body views excess fat the way we do - as toxic - and offloads it as soon as one starts making healthy dietary choices? Or is there something special about carbs themselves that leads the body to go, "Clearly, we aren't in a famine anymore - look at all of this lovely glucose. So why do we need to lug around this fat?"

I'd just like a nuts-bolts explanation for how people slim down on 811 in the long run. Is it the excess energy leading to extra exercise, the detox effect, or exiting famine mode?

Does anyone know the answer to this question? I'm headed to pick up a copy of the 80/10/10 book, so if the answer is in it, so much the better.

Thanks, everyone. :)

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I think once the body has realized it will never be hungry again and gets plenty of carbs the body utilizes the carbs for energy and vitality. I have gained weight and believe it is partly due to years of restricting calories. Restricting calories is like almost starving. On top was avoiding carbs from fruit and eating cooked foods and raw foods full of fat. 

Very cool explanation; thank you. How long have you been on 811, if you don't mind? From what I've read, any excess "adjustment" weight starts to come off after about a year of full 811.

And re: cooked food, I'll admit that I still eat rice. Once I master savory stews that give me the same stick-to-your-ribs feeling, I'll be able to let the rice go. The fat and animal products were no problem, but the rice is harder to give up; it just doesn't seem like a proper meal without it. But I've seen in DR's videos that even though rice isn't optimal, it won't cause weight gain.

"The fat you eat is the fat you wear."

Thanks for your help with these questions. I know they're probably common newbie questions, but they're new for me. :)

I started in January 2012. Every month I get better at it but it has not been easy. I had horrible addictions to junk food, fat, and salt. The cravings were unreal. I screwed up all the time but kept at it. Since then I have come a long way. I can eat almost 3000 fruits cals from mono meals and can avoid cooked foods as long as I have my fruit. :)

Your body will get rid of that fat naturally through detox.  when you are giving yourself the proper carbs the fructose is going to your brain and your brain then realizes that "hey I feel great these sugars are helping me out and oh hey I am getting them all day long everyday! "  your body will learn that it can stop holding onto those old fats because it knows that it no longer needs it, thus your body starts getting rid of it any way or where it can. sweat, urination, zits, headaches etc.

Brilliant. This is just the sort of explanation I was hoping to see. So I guess I can expect some unpleasantness for the next few months. I can be patient as long as there's some sort of logical explanation.

Thanks, Amanda. :)



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