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high fat, low carb diet!!!?? paleo or primal ot whatever

A FB friend posted a horrible article... find it here:

I read through almost every comment (4 pages!) and found not ONE vegan. What the..?? Anyway, I'm very newly doing this 811 thing (and loving it!) and have not quite read the entire book yet. I hut wanted to post the article in case anyone here felt like heading the comments to make an attempt at enlightening the folks over there. I made 3 comments (my name is Sunny) and they're on the 4th page. Feel free to read what I wrote and chime in.

FYI, I've been vegan for 4+ years and always had the desire to try raw. My husband is newly vegan andis loving the 80-10-10 book. He has been following an almost 100% raw diet for just under one week.

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From Diamond's blog, this is how she advised a client. I'd steer clear ;)


March 2011


Destiny Bryant just wrote on my Facebook fan page:

Omg!!!! Just wanted to tell you I ve been doin EVERYTHING you told me to do eating right exercising, and I LOST 5 lbs so far!!!

omg!!! so remember I sent you a message saying I lost a few lbs thanks to following your advice a eating right??? well I passed along those great words to my boyfriend and he lost 15 pounds!!!!!!! wow!!!! thanks soo much!!!

What I did tell her?

YOU ARE NATURALLY A FAT BURNER, NOT A SUGAR BURNER. If you’re a sugar burner, you don’t burn fat, you store it.

SOLUTION: Take 30 days and cut all sugar—the refined carbs out of your diet. You can have a small serving of whole grain every 2-3 days, if you need it, but none is best, to break your carb addiction and become a fat burner.

GET IT! Butter is better for you than the bread!

Eat veggies for carbs, raw and cooked, with butter or olive oil. Always have an apple a day (10% longer life) with walnuts (good mood food)…this can be your very best snack.

MAIN FOODS are whole eggs and yogurt, cheese, a slice or 2 of bacon, natural pork, all beef, lamb, poultry, and fresh or frozen wild caught fish—always with lots of raw or cooked veggies.

Poultry should be dark meat, white has too little fat. Lose the soy! It slows down thyroid and suppresses testosterone, which you need for fat burning and feeling more sexual.

Smaller meals containing whole protein and fat fill you up. You will end the junk carb snack attack that makes you fat.

A cup of hot whole milk (lactose-free, if you’re allergic) spiced with cinnamon will give you a good night’s sleep.

Organic will DEFINITELY make you look your best. You can afford it if you cut out all the JUNK sodas and carb garbage. They are killing you!

TRY IT! You’ll lose fat, not muscle. You’ll have way more energy. You’ll be tightening your belt!


Patti I can tell by your blonde hair that you're a protein burner. you will get fat on sugar! you should eat cow muscles for weight loss. by the way you owe me $250 for that advice, i take all major credit cards

Way too many holes in the arguments of the article. As always. People love em.

Example, a moderately common argument which he uses is that Protein and Fat are essential but Carbs are not, therefore fat is a better source of energy. They are essential building blocks in only small amounts, but absolutely not essential for energy. That's like saying protein is essential and carbs are not, therefore protein is a better source of energy(calories). Most know that if you try to live on protein, you'll kill your kidneys. Protein is not a sustainable energy source even though it's an essential raw material. Besides, carbs(blood sugar) IS essential in the human body since most cells run on sugar.


Former die-hard low-carb Paleo guy's thoughts on high fruit/carb:

Forget what "you know" from Castle Grok on Vimeo.

lovely post. Please find more of those :D so i can post them on my forum where there are so many die hard low carbers

Hey Sunny, put this blog link on there and see what comments you get. ;)



Lena, you might want to check if your Flash Player is up to date.  The link below will tell you which version of Flash you are using and which version is the most up to date:




So funny! Thanks for this :)
I posted a few links to your videos. They wouldn't approve my comments.
Same. What a wuss. Mark Sisson must feel threatened by the video. He doesn't want his followers hearing the information in it.

Regardless of which diet we're "supposed" to eat, I believe it's imperative to do what works best for you.  No matter what it may be, keep tweaking until you land the right lifestyle.  And food isn't everything - we're consuming sunshine, thoughts, relationships, exercise, water, stress, air, etc.


I know it's difficult to hear a completely opposite approach, as you've done on Mark's Daily Apple, but hey, congrats on sticking to your guns.  If you truly believe your approach is the best, ain't nothing gonna stop you from pursuing it.  Science can only show us so much, but personal experience is the ultimate determinant in achieving the health you deserve.



"do what works best for you" sounds like good advice and we hear it all the time, but the problem is the average person has no frickin idea how to determine what works best for them. "just listen to your body!" is a similar bit of advice. When you're on S.A.D, your body will just tell you to eat more crap. Over and over again. 

Better idea is to find someone getting results and investigate what they're doing, reason it out, and immitate it. 

The only people who can legitimately "do what works best and listen to their body" are people who were raised with healthy habits and away from the toxic world since they were children (less than 1%)... or wild animals. The rest of us have to make up for it by being objective. Relying on intuition and signals from the body when your mind/body is totally confused could do more harm than good.


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