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i have been trying for raw since july 21ist 2011,  did ok mostly raw for a few months then for 34 days i had it, and then i had a bite of cooked and BINGE ate for 3 months and gained 33lbs. I am literally terrified to try raw again and have a rebound like this ever again. It has left me paralyzed in fear, unhappily eating cooked and terrified of raw. I have continued to gain weight and reached the heaviest of my life.

i don't know what to do, raw brought out my most prominent struggle with disordered eating but i know it is the solution but i cannot do it 

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You know the truth is you were eating all the wrong kinds of cooked food, and that's what sent your weight soaring, not because you didn't just eat raw. You must have heard....vegans that eat low fat are not fat. I think a combination of cooked vegan low fat of course and a lot of raw fruits and salads is a very workable solution for those of us having problems with raw only.

i went to kind of the same struggle as i started out on this lifestyle, but the main shift that has to happen i think is the way you consider eating. what am i eating for? it has been said before but i find it true, you have to take responsibility for your actions, you have to be conscious that you are eating for fuel,and you want the best possible fuel in order to get the best possible life.i dont want to sound condescendent or too hard but at one point you have to see the reality of things, once you do that you can achieve great things.Just keep going even if you "cheat" , do the right thing do it for yourself and for the ones you truly love. peace and have a wonderful day all of you

In my experience, people who have your persona can enjoy success if they change on major thing: Do not jump right in. You must transition slowly. Build a foundation of healthy eating slowly and surely. Don't force yourself to go 100% lfrv immediately. Use common sense girl! If it scares you then don't do it all at once. Ease into it. Eat fruit and have steamed sweet potato for dinner and juiced greens and/or salad, etc. in the proper order and combination, calories, etc. This is a no brainer. It seems that you are falling victim to some sort of "wellness peer pressure" or self-inflicted "I gotta do this all the way or nothing" mentality. Forget it. Life is all about striving for perfection that we never reach but if you beat yourself up then you are your own worst enema, I mean enemy lol!

Seriously, 99% of the people I met in the last 13 years that I have been raw (lfrv for 3) who went cold turkey never stuck to anything good. And I have a brick and mortar raw wellness and serious fitness center where I have been teaching and counseling men and women of all ages for almost 30 years now. So I know a little bit about what happens... and I am telling you again, the vast majority or super success stories did it little by little, not all in one big jump.

Hi there !

I am dealing daily with my cravings and it can end into the food I decided not to eat anymore so I relate to what your are going through at the moment. You are not alone there, a lot of people are transitioning right now and it is hard too.

Please be kind to yourself and just patient, things will happen and it will get easier at one point !

I know how you feel.I actually wanted to be raw since 3 years . Now I´ve been lets say 95% raw. I had 6 coocked meal in 1 month, so I´m quite happy. I lost 5 kilos (12 pounds) as well .

Till 1 month ago I was raw on and off...2 weeks raw, loosing 7 pounds, 2 weeks coocked gaining them back, 2 days raw, 3 days coocked...

I noticed that when I was in my "coocked binge " periods, I was eating no fruits whatsoever!So if you can´t make it a hundred protcent, I would advice that you do one or two raw meals a day, (the best would be breakfast and lunch, so that you are sure you get this one or 2 meals, otherwise if you start breakfast with coocked, it is more likely that you wont eat a single raw meal in the day) and you eat whatever you want in the evening. If you feel you don´t need coocked for dinner, just make a raw supper, if not, don´t beat yourself up. I think if you know you can have 1 coocked dinner a day, you will find it easy to stick with it...and maybe in a wile, you will find you only need a coocked meal every 2 days, and later  on just a coocked meal a week, and so on.

I found out that it was easyer for me to stick with me with savory stews...I have my spiralizer, i make zucchinis noodles, make different sauces, sometimes with fat (nuts, seeds avocado) sometimes no fat...I just learn and experience....It´s helps sticking with raw if you learn recipies that you like.I advice you to watch recipies from Freelee, Megan elizabeth and Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, I found them delicious.There is olso an adresse that gives a free ebook with 50 raw recipies: http://www.rawfoodrecipesonline.com. They are often with oil and fat and aren´t allways vegan (they use honey) but I just make them without oil and replace the honey with dates.

I hope this help and I wish you the best

Thanks everyone for posting so much helpful information for all of us!  I have been reading posts on and off for weeks now, thinking about going all the way 811.  I am so glad to see the suggestions on transitioning slowly!  I can do that.  So, no more thinking, time for some action!  It is nice to see others have the same issues.  I wish everyone great success!!!  Thanks again

I know I have been exactly where you are.  Unfortunately the food conglomerates now exactly what chemicals to put into processed phoods, which is part of what you are doing, and cheese, milk, and flavorings you use on cooked products and meat, to make our minds mush!  Our emotions are effected and we have no will power to stop the insanity.


One thing that I need to ask you:  Do you have home-front support for changing over to raw?  If not, get it fast!  Then immerse yourself into the movement and get on-line support.  Going raw is great but going 80/10/10 is the best and healthiest way to do raw.  Get the 80/10/10 book by Dr. Douglas Graham and again IMMERSE yourself in the whole process.  Turn away from those who are poo-pooing you on this program.  It isn't easy to transition if you have very little support.  America is a drugged, sick, fat, and slowly dying country just from the phood choices that are causing the majority of the afflictions. 


Never give up! Never surrender to SAD!


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