30 Bananas a Day!

Please help me!

I"m addicted to raw plants and vegetables, and it is having a huge effect on my life!!!

It all started by not wanting to hurt animals, now I find myself almost crying because this banana smoothie is just that good....These...bananas....are......perfectly......sweet. The other night I found myself drooling and smiling uncontrollably while eating a huge salad with tomatoes, lemons and avocado!

I find myself fantasizing about eating eating large quantities of oranges, mangos, or tomatoes at once, and I'm frequently smiling  and talking to my food before I eat it... "You papayas wanted to find a guy like me to eat you didn't you? Someone who can really TASTE you, right? I've been thinking about you guy all day :) 

All the negative, aimless, unmotivated corporate slaves around me think I'm some kind of freak because of how happy and positive I am, and all the cool plans I have, I think I've gone too far!!!

I'm afflicted with huge amounts of positive energy, better sleep, and a positive mindset!!! 

Plus I'm healing from some injuries from last year! And I'm getting gains at the gym! I think I'm addicted to raw food!!!

I find myself smiling all the time!!!!!

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we should start a support group. 

had a date smoothie for breakfast myself with a few bananas tossed in for good measure.

bump :)

Good for you!



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