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Hi Everyone, 

I am so excited to join this forum. I suffer from IBS, fibromyalgia, vulvodynia, occasional kidney stones and chronic cough. I heard amazing things about 30BaD and I am looking forward to learn and hopefully get better.

I read about your forum in an ebook called "Two Guys Talking". The author is a great fan, he himself has learnt a lot from you guys, and gives priceless practical guidance about healing a leaky gut and reversing pretty much any other disease on high carb low fat low salt diet. He credits Freelee and Durianrider and appeals to all young people to join. I highly recommend this book. It covers a lot of other interesting topics like sex and relationships, it made me think a lot. A must read.

I am in the process of changing and simplifying my diet. I want to eliminate fats, salt, caffeine and spicy foods and I need some inspiration. I am trying to find materials and discussions, but it seems like the search engine of the site doesn't work. Am I doing it wrong? My sister has two autistic children, so I am trying to convert her into vegan high carb diet as well.

Thanks and cheers,

Kat J


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Hi Kat, 

Thanks for the book reference. I read it and now I'm reading it again! Lots of very interesting information. 

Hi Guys,

I just saw on Smashwords that the book is now available for a free download, check it out!




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