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Hello everyone, I thought I would introduce myself.  I have had a fascination and faith in this diet for a while but have not successfully transitioned yet.  I am trying to go HCRV now.  I have a box of ripe bananas awaiting my success.  I also ordered some "cooking dates" that I read DR and theFruitarian like to use as power bars.  I ordered these so I could eat something while I am on the road working.


My fiance got me interested in this diet because she was reading "Left in the Dark" and "The Secret Life of Plants" while we were on a 3 week trip in Ecuador.  The first book I stole was the Secret Life.  I was fascinated but I got bored with it about halfway through(very typical of me).  Then I took Left in the Dark.  I started reading it on a bus trip somewhere close to Banos which means I was leaving the Andes and entering the Amazon.  That book did it for me.  I know the whole book is just a "theory" but it all made so much sense to me.  In college I got really into health food and eating raw, as in raw meat, milk and kombucha.  My friends were really into Dr. Mercola and going to the farmer's market and trying to get the guy to sell us any organs from his goats that he wasn't going to sell.  Lol.  Let's just say I wasn't into the whole vegan thing.  I was even seeing a vegan girl for a few months but she looked totally unhealthy.  She drank alot of rice milk and ate alot of vegan chocolate cake and other crap.  Never really thought being a vegan made sense.  Paleo made a whole lot more sense.  The most solid argument against it was B12.  End of discussion when it came to veganism.


When I read Left in the Dark, it made me think about what our ancestors ate and of COURSE fruit makes SO MUCH SENSE NOW!!!


So, I'm in Ecuador, I've got a girl I love with me, she is Ecuadorian, I wanna be a fruitarian now that I've read this cool friggen book-I'm moving to Ecuador and gonna start a fruit farm!  So when I get back to the States, I take out a fat student loan and eat nothing but bananas, dates, beans and rice to save money and then we went down to Ecuador again and we got 3 ha. of beautiful land with a clean river going right through it.  The water tastes great and it comes straight out of virgin Amazon forest.  There is a few banana trees, a lemon, a cherimoya, bunch of cacao, sugar cane, hearts of palms and some other stuff.  I hired a guy to start about 800 fruit trees in a nursery for us.  I hired a tour guide from our previous trip to find us the land we wanted and it just so happened his brother in law is a French guy who has a master's degree in Agroforestry and teaches the indeginous in the area to grow sustainable agriculture(fruit trees and lots of legumes), so we told this guy to give us a list of all the fruits he could get a hold of and the price he would charge to start growing them for us.  So we made a deal.


Now everyone either thinks I'm crazy, I'm super cool, I'm stupid, or I'm gonna change my mind when I get out there and have no electricity lol.  I figured, why would I want to spend so much of my life doing things I dont want to do when it is completely unnecessary?  I dont need to be rich when I retire, I just need lots of trees.  I plan on being retired at age 25, is that so crazy?


However, now is the hard part- making the money to get down there.  I dont need much, I'm gonna move down there on a bare bones budget.  I am on my third job since I left school and am eager to get down there ASAP.


To the point now, this whole website is about being a fruitarian.  I want to be a fruitarian.  I argue with all my friends about nutrition now and they quote Dr Mercola's research.  I can't win with these people.  3 nights ago I was hanging out with 2 friends who are in school to become doctors of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).  I dont remember how we got into it but we started arguing about diet.  I told them to check out this guy Michael Arnstein who is a totally sick athlete doin it for YEARS.  Of course they looked it up to read his posts with complete sarcasm.  Only looked it up to make fun of it.  I was needless to say, hopelessly annoyed.  But what can I say?  I just got done eating a bunch of rice and meat with them.  I decided I cannot talk the talk until I can walk the walk.  Besides, it seems even crazier for me to want to go away on a permanent fruitarian retreat when I've never gone more than 3 days on a HCRV diet.  So here I am.  Ready to do it.  Not only to prove those dummies wrong, but to have more energy, to be healthier, and to not smell.  After all, I think I can get to Ecuador alot faster If I am being high powered by fruit.


Here is a pic of me with as many food trees as I could find to fit in one picture.  Bananas, papayas, sugar cane, coffee, i think there is yuca in the background-whatever.

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Hey, welcome, that's cool! Mercola, man, he writes a few correct things, but I have seen too much BS from him. He's also just trying to market all his products.

Durianrider's video and blog on Mercola.


Thank you for sharing your story.  I saw a video on youtube of a couple in Equador, and the fellow kept talking about purslane, my favorite wild veggie. 


I kept thinking, wow I would love to live in a place like that.


Purslane grew wild in my garden many years ago, I saved the seeds, had a full garden of purslane the next year and have kept growing it every year since.

This group and their ideology might interest you:

terra do sol community

Based in Brazil, but you may be able to copy their blue print.

Peace, PK


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