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I'll be renting an  oceanfront house south of Pahoa on the big island starting at the beggining of Jan. or from around the 15th and going until the 15th of Feb.


It's a great area, quiet, clean and beautiful.


We go to farmers markets 2 or 3 times per week to get yummy fruit, no shortage here!


Looking for people who want to enjoy Hawaii, good company + live very clean in all ways: No pets, or substances etc.


The rent will range from$100 - $ 150/week depending on room taken.



If anyone has a better location or home ( even on another island ) they are aware of, I would consider an alternate location to rent. Or even join others if they have a room.


All the best,





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That would be fine.

The best house is a sub-lease until Feb. 15

It also coincides with my planned departure from Hawaii but that could be changed if another compelling house situation arises.


Great I'm looking for a place. Do you have great internet?

The internet is good for sure, but not as good as the view.

I just noticed that you are in Victoria. I'll be back on Salt Spring Island in a couple of months maybe we can gather a few people and have an 811 gathering?

Clifton! That is great news! Do you mind checking the speed a few times on speedtest.net? I am seriously considering coming there, but need solid good internet to work my online job while I am there. Would you mind testing the speeds? It'll only take a few moments.

Thats an interesting site. Im using free wifi here in Chang Mai.


awesome, thanks for checking that DR! Good stuff, very fast! I wonder how to get this kind of speed at a hotel/bungalow/apartment.

Which hotel/guesthouse is this?  I got 4Mb/s at a friends place in the center of town.  4Mb/s is the de facto standard for much of Thailand which better than anywhere else in the region except Singapore.

DIZZY posts - spreading the naked truth !

Hi Happy Hanni,

I checked the speed a couple of times, it's not blazing I've discovered.

Dowloads at between .5 Mb - .56

Uploads around .15

Ping 62 ms

If this isn't fast enough keep in mind I'll still be looking around at other places.

Thanks Clifton. I appreciate you doing this. Yes, this is unfortunately not close to fast enough for me...

I just had an idea. If you or others wanted to help search a little for a place we could multiply our effectiveness and come up with a great situation. Maybe renting a nice condo or house on this or another island would have all the requirements we need. The place would need to have hardwood floors for sure though.

Yo Clifton, look me up when your situated. Lets try to meet up sometime. I'm up in honokaa, but do get down to that area from time2time.


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