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Has anyone had a problem with this? Are there any solutions? Thanks for your input.

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Have you had your zinc levels checked?  I was using a cronometer eating 80/10/10 for about a year and thought I was hitting my RDA for zinc but when I got my blood levels checked my zinc was really low, so I take a supplement daily now.  Are your omega 3's and 6's in a good ratio (1:1 or 1:4) and getting at least 2 grams of each per day?  These two things would be the first things I'd suspect.  

Iodine deficiency is also related to hair loss and is definitely something to look into though I don't recommend supplementing unless under the guidance of a health practitioner experienced in iodine therapy and to be honest once you start on iodine and begin to detox bromide you could lose even more hair at first.

If you have a MTHFR gene mutation (23andme.com is a good test) you may also have decreased detox ability and potentially be more toxic in heavy metals which could also cause skin and hair issues.

Our bodies are complicated.

Thanks, I'll look into these.

I'm still sorting my s*** out, I've read like 15 plant-based nutrition books and had consultations with Doug Graham, David Klein, Rick Dina, Dr. Goldhamer, Dr. Klaper and Don Bennett and I'm still unsure whats causing my dermatitis / hair loss.  I'm heading to True North on easter to do at least a 2 week water fast or longer since the only time my skin and scalp start to clear up is when I fast for a few days at home, so I'm curious to what a longer fast will do.  

I did iodine therapy for a month but lost even more hair and my skin got worse since I was detoxing bromide.  Not everyone has as bad of a time doing iodine therapy as I did and I suspect it might have something to do with the MTFHR mutation that I have (one copy of C766T).  Might have to get the MTHFR stuff sorted out before I can try detoxing any heavy metals.  

One thing that you could do immediately and it will only make things better for your health and hair is to pick up some Just Barley (organic barley grass powder) and add a teaspoon or two to your smoothies daily.  You can find it on iHerb.com - David Klein and Don Bennett both really promote the use of barley grass powder and now I do as well.  It's raw and it's basically natures multivitamin.  The barley is grown in mineral rich soil and harvested at it's peak growth so it's packed with minerals that are lacking in even our organic produce these days.  It's helped me out a bunch.  

Thanks Raymond. I might just try that barely grass. Can't hurt.

Raymond Phillips may I ask how that 23andme.com tells you if you have the MTFHR mutation?  I went to that site and it looks like a thing to trace your family lineage back 10,000 years. 

And another question with barley grass is that made from barley?  Because barley has gluten so I am not sure I would be able to eat that but it sounds like something I might want to do but I am not sure how I would incorporate that because I don't eat smoothies I only eat fruit as is.  Can you put it in water?

Hey, Just Barley says "gluten free" on the label.  You can add it to water but I would think it gets better absorbed if you're having it with something that has fiber in it like a smoothie, it wouldn't taste that great on its own either I don't think.

When you get your results back from 23andme.com you download the "raw data" and then enter it into a program like Genetic Genie to get more useful health information - https://geneticgenie.org/methylation-analysis/

Awesome Raymond thanks for the information.  So that kit from 23andme.com is it easy to collect the blood sample?  You don't have to take a vile of blood out do you?

It would help if you started posting a diary so we can see what you are currently doing.

I temporarily had hair thinning when I went a few months not eating as many greens.  I also experimented with lowering calories temporarily to see if that would help me lose my last 20 pounds faster.  It didn't.

When I upped my greens, mainly in the form of salads which involved at least a few heads of lettuce a week minimum and upped my calories back to at least 2500 a day my hair grew back in more fully.

Thanks Diane, for the tips. Yes, I'm going to try and up my greens. But I'm pretty sure that this is hormonal as I'm perimenapausal. Just wanted to see what others on this site have experienced and tried.

Here's a good video from Paul and Yulia on hair loss and 80/10/10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKbmgjI4ukA

Are you meeting your bodies caloric needs?

Hair loss is a common symptom of not consuming enough calories for an extended period of time.



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