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Hi Everyone,


I am thinking about taking the Grey Hound instead of flying this summer. I have only been on the Grey Hound once, and it was quite a while ago, and wasn't very far. This time I need to go from Ann Arbor, MI to Albuquerque, NM. It is about 1 day 15 hours, one way!


I would rather have the quickness of flying, but I would like to save some money (and I don't think I should subject my old car to the long trip). I also thought it might be a fun and different thing to do. I could see the landscape, and could occupy myself with books, podcasts, sleeping, etc. 


I would like to know if any of you fruities have had experiences riding the Grey Hound, especially if you have done it since being 811rv, and especially if you have riden long distances. I am planning to bring dates and apples, and whatever else I have room for. I am also planning to bring my jump rope so that I can maybe get off the bus at stops and quickly get a little blood pumping. 


Any experiences or other ideas would be helpful and greatly appreciated.







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Thanks iLG! 


I've been trying to search but haven't been able to find a flight that compares with the price for the grey hound ticket bought in advance. I am still considering just flying, but would like to give the bus the benefit of the doubt.


You make a good point about the dates, bananas would be more conducive to sleeping!


Have you had something really bad happen to you on the grey hound?


Hi Brian, 

Would you be willing to share what you were displeased with?



I've taken it from phoenix to vegas. The price wasnt bad. It was cool to see the changing landscapes and things. There were a few really nice people on the bus. I wasn't into raw food at the time but they let you bring your own food on and they do have stops. I doubt I will take it again though because there were some huge downsides for me. Aside from the nice people on the bus there were some that seemed like they hadn't sowered and were high or drunk. On the second trip on the way back a man sat next to me and proceeded to get drunk on the bus then feel me up. I pushed him into the isle and yelled at him and this nice man kept him away from me. The guy literally sat in the isle next to this guy who took his seat and he still tried to talk to me. It was pretty scary and they didn't even kick him off the bus!

Yikes, thank you for your experience. 

I've heard some stories like this as well. Wouldn't it be nice if they made it safer for people to ride the bus? It just seems like there should be better transportation alternatives to flying, without such things occurring. It makes me just want to hop on the plane where everyone seems to mind their own business. It would just be great if there were a quality alternative that was a bit more low-key instead of having to go to a huge airport and pass through all the security, etc. I guess low-key = low-quality most of the time... 

Yea, I was looking for that too. I had been to a small airport before and loved it. I hate big airports.
I've found this to be the case for every form of public transportation. It comes down to force, really. If you're uncomfortable you simply speak to the bus driver. Demand that the person be either moved or kicked off. They're responsible for driving, not monitoring everything happening on the bus. Sometimes they just don't realize these things are happening unless passengers speak up.
He knew about it. He had pulled over and stopped a few times to talk to them. He just had empty threats about kicking them off.

Ah. Well that's no good. I would call in a complaint to head office, for whatever good it might do. 


I think it definitely depends on where the bus is coming from and going to. I only have experience with Grey Hound in Canada so my experience could be irrelevant

I don't know, I thought it might be more of an adventure, and tolerable, but I'm not so sure that I am up for it this time...

I take Greyhound on a regular basis. I don't drive a vehicle and never have so I am reliant upon my bicycle and Greyhound. I have never had a problem with the service. I have always found them to be pleasant and have been able to bring all sorts of luggage on board.


They state that you should not eat on the bus but I've ignored this every trip and had no repercussions. 


The only thing I've noticed is that the bus is very cold all year round. I can barely stand to be in the bus more than a few hours because I get cold quite easily. Also, I'm not sure how comfortable you'd be sitting in those seats for a day and a half. You get about as much room as a plane seat. That being the case, you're not likely to find a bus with more seat room and if you ask to turn the temperature up, they will listen to you. 

  Haha A2 is right in my back yard!


  I've road Greyhound back and forth from A2 to DC. not horrible, but if your are taller than 5 ft, i found it difficult to sleep.  As for food, bring your own, they stop at terminals and greasy rest stops with the occaisional side of starbucks. Most buses do have a bathroom on board.  Not much else to say other than sit and stare or read.


Would renting a car be very expensive? It would avoid the scary airports, and stuffed buses.


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