30 Bananas a Day!

Anyone ask you 'why are you a vegan? thats crazy..'

Here is some things you can share with em.

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That last one is going right on the fridge!
LOL you could fit a whole family on that cows teats! Will have to put it up at the dairy farm I teach at!


Yo DR, what's that little guy in your hand at the top?!
looks like a baby porcupine. It's so cute! :)
It's a baby hedgehog!

I don't think that's DR's hand... but perhaps.
this is something I've been fooling around with in photoshop. it's über-politically incorrect, poking fun at how some folks like to characterize 30bad. want to see if any of the german speaking frugivores get it before I elaborate on it (apologies for the horrible grammar/translation)

well ok, not sure how many people would get it anyways. The story behind it is actually kind of horrifying.. It's a pun on 'Arbeit macht frei' which translates roughly to "work makes you free" or "sets you free". It was the phrase written above the gates to a number of nazi concentration camps during WWII including auschwitcz (I think the picture is from Dachau which was one of the camps in germany). So it's really one of the most shockingly sardonic and disgusting statements of the 20th century, if not ever, given what was actually going on inside the gates.

I changed it so it says, albeit very crudely, "fruit sets you free". This is in reference to a number of people who've compared 30BaD to a nazi prison camp or a soviet gulag (e.g. die hard 30BaDders are fruit nazis and the mods are the fruit gestapo).
You must feel a lot of kinship with concentration camp victims.

Lol who mods the mods



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