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I haven't been able to go all raw yet.  I am aspiring but I'd like to let go for a full week.  I still go to cooked foods and when I eat them I think about how I am tasting "excito-toxins" is all.  It's not for my highest good. 

I did quit smoking for five months now, and I think this is how I was able to quit in large part: I would think to myself when I was smoking how it wasn't for my highest good and was so aware of it, that eventually I just stopped it.


I'd like to see what happens of one week without any cooked food.  Please please please Universe, help me, assist me in any and every loving way to cocreate this with you!!! For all the beauty and love of the world.  Thanks



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you are much more powerful than universe :)

Hi Michelle,

As long as you keep your will firm going forward you will reach your goal of complete 80 10 10.

Keep all your favorite foods out in front of you to minimize the cooked food cravings ( besides, all those foods are behind closed pantry doors.)

Try for a few days of no cooked and on your pace stretch it out to a week, and then longer.

You can do it.



Hello Michele,

I'm right there with you.  I have been eating mostly fruit for the passed 2 weeks but still continue to eat things I know aren't good for me.  If you want a buddy during this journey of going fully raw I'd love to do it with you :)



Hi Kali-

Yes I accept.  I actually had a really serious head cold day before yesterday and slept for about 48 hours, with a fever and all.  Today is my first day well again, and wouldn't ya know it's the first day of my period.  Ha ha.  It never ends. 

Anyhow, I have such a sense that the illness was like a blessing because being sick always allows me a fasting time, and I did an all raw day yesterday simply because I was still a bit shaky from the sickness.  Then after the day raw; last night; I noticed a swollen patch on my eyelid near the edge of my eye kind of like a mosquito bite, but no itch and I just thought-Classic Detox!


This morning I had 2 cups of raw almond milk with a small amount of dates blended in my Vitamix.  It was so amazingly yummy just like a milkshake.  I knew I was going to start getting ravenously hungry again now that I am recovering from my cold so I thought I would indulge in nuts this way to keep me raw, even though I normally eat just fruit smoothie in the first part of the day, or fruit smoothie with something green like E3Live or spinach or lettuce.  Now I've got a smoothie with about 3 frozen bananas, a medium bunch of spinach, about a cup of strawberries, and a few dates, and I am taking it on the road with me to work.


I will take inspiration from 30BAD and keep going.  Last night I felt like making a corn red pepper cilantro thing from Kristina's youtube channel (she has started the largest organic produce coop in the US in Texas)  because I'm seeing organic corn in the coops where I live in Minneapolis MN and it looks so good.  Maybe I'll do that tonight.  Normally I want soup from the coop or a bean and rice burrito later in the day.  I would like to do something else than that please.  Thanks universe.


Thank you for reaching out to me!

Tell me what's up with you! 



Hi Michele,

Good job so far!  All of that food sounds so yummy.  It's really hard for me because I'm an au pair and I'm living with a Spanish family of 5 people.  So when I buy a load of fruit and leave it in the kitchen it is gone by the end of the day, and when I bring it in my room the family thinks I'm crazy.  But either way I'm not going to let that stop me.  This morning I had a box of strawberries and 4 apples for breakfast (I ran out of bananas and need to go shopping for fruit today).

I want to have a mono meal of mangoes today, because they are one of my favorite fruit and I think they will end up being my craving-stopper.  It really sucks though because the family doesn't have a blender and I think it would be so much easier getting started with smoothies and juices but I have 60 days til I go home and my mom bought a juicer for me so that we can start juicing together. 

Thank you for doing this with me, Michele, and let me know how the rest of your day goes!! 


Hola Kali,

Lo siento que tus familiares Espanoles no te comprenden.  I hope you still did well despite your challenges.  I could sense how that must have made you feel when you wanted that fruit in your room and had to feel judged about it.  Is there some way you can explain to them a little bit?  Perhaps set a healthy boundary around food? 

I was relieved to see your are going home to a supportive mom.  That's amazing!  I have been doing a lot of juicing.  I started around December.  I started with Dan the Man videos on youtube for support.  I did a series of three colonics in conjunction with a three day juice fast and I felt very good about it.  I was impressed with how much came out of me I didn't know was in there, and the process of colonics and also enemas at home (inspired by TheRawFoodWorld youtube channel; Matt and Angela Monarch) in conjunction with the introduction of juices to my diet has helped me become much more aware of what I am putting into my body and the work it takes my body to process and get rid of it.  I had been constipated and didn't really even know it because I didn't know it was normal to go 2-3 times a day, when I was going once a day or once every other day.  Now I am regular 2-3 times a day and I achieved this in large part by colonics enemas, incorporating juice a good part of my day many many days over (unfortunately I didn't keep a record). 

I don't know if constipation is any of your issue, but I know it's really important to stay hydrated, as freelee says, and I do appreciate how I am able to add a lot of water to bananas in a smoothie.  That is my main staple in my smoothies.  Without my blender I suppose I'd be frustrated because my bananas wouldn't be as water rich as I'd like. 

Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling now:)  Hope you got to the store for more fruit and.. let that family know they can't have your fruit and that you are not crazy.

As for me, I did it again!!! It was my 3rd day completely raw.  I had a glass of 2 cups water with lemon, a workout on my rebounder, then a half a small watermelorn, a smoothie with banana a little cacao/maca/hemp powder, water, and coconut water from an actual coconut (so good like a chocolate shake), a mexican salad with corn, red pepper, cucumber, onion, cilantro, sea salt, and red leaf lettuce, and the little half cup of almond milk leftover from yesterday, blended with a few dates.  

Right now my throat and lungs feel funny when I am breathing, as though I have a chest cold or something cropping up.  I don't know where this is leading.  It is unusual.  Not something I have often felt.  I wonder if it could be detox of my lungs from having quit smoking in December.   

Hope you're well and take care

All the Best








Oh...  I signed my post Shauna because that is my real nickname in the world:)  I just made up Michele Belle so I could have a 30bad alias:)  You can still call me Michele.  It's my middle name.

Oh that's sweet!  I like Shauna (and Michele too) both are beautiful names.  And Good for you! 3 days is a great start, today is day two for me, although I did eat a few roasted nuts yesterday with my friends.  I can't wait to experience detox, as strange as it sounds, I just want to clean my body out because I am always exhausted and I know it is because of the food I have been feeding myself for the past 10 years.  

What exactly is a colonic? I'd like to try it if it helped you out so much.  Also, I must be constipated too (without knowing until now) because I go about once a day and am always really bloated lately.  I don't have a fat stomach but sometimes I could pass as a pregnant woman because I have this tight bulge (sorry that's gross haha).  But yeah, I like Dan the man he's cool, i wish I could be as happy and peaceful as he is.  That's why I am doing this really 1) for happiness and spirituality and 2) for weight-loss and health.

Yesterday I had a long talk with the father from the family I live with and he bought me a bunch of fruit which I think is really cool.  He said it's easier anyways to buy me fruit than other foods because it is so cheap.  But he is being very understanding now although he did mention he is a bit worried.  It's really hard to explain to some people that it is a healthy decision not a dangerous one.  Even being a vegetarian worried them a bit (people in Spain consume tonnes of meat).

  Also, if you have any advice on saying "NO" to cravings I'd love to hear them.  How do you do it?  Because I have a weak will power it seems, with cooked veggies and pasta I always seem to cave in.  I want to be able to just say no.  So I'd appreciate any advice :)

Good to hear you are doing ok, and I'm sure the lung thing is detoxing, but of course if it gets worse it might really be a chest cold.  Take care :)

-Kali <3

Hola Kali

Como estas tu?  Estoy bien o asi asi...More on my raw status later.


 I will answer your questions first then tell you how my day went.  A colonic is where you go in for an appointment to a colon hydrotherapist for a session of about a half an hour sometimes an hour, and they insert a tube just a few inches into your rectum and they connect the hose to a machine which runs filtered purified water into your lower intestine.  The therapist holds it there and controls the flow in and releases in out when you feel you've taken as much water as you can.  You can see what is going out through the tube.  Many gallons are flushed through you during a typical session and the therapist will gently massage your belly as the water is released to help loosen old compacted debree so it can wash out.  It is very detoxifying.  I was scared when I went in the first time but the therapists put me at ease (I've been to two different people), and I was happy with the results.  You should do some research.  It is controversial as the mainstream medical industry does not endorse it. 

As for saying no to cravings, just eat the veggies and not the pasta.   What I am trying to do is grow a list for myself of what options I DO have to eat that I know will give me the same feeling afterward.  Satiated.  And distracted and move on to the next part of your day.  You could think of why you're doing what you're doing and don't feel alone in that moment.  Think of all of us out here trying to do the same thing.   A great recipe I made today when I wanted to go to cooked was:  1 apple chopped into small pieces, several dates also chopped in small pieces, a little drip of vanilla extract, 2 tbsp raw tahini.  I blended the ingredients in a food processor but you could probably make it without one.  If I had blueberries, I would usually add those in also.  Oh-and I put some flax seeds in there.  I didn't bother grinding the flax.  I find I can chew it just fine. 


I just have had a cough which is fine.  Hopefully stuff from my past life as a smoker going away.  I've still been functioning close to normal.  I'm a little loopy though.  Last night I started to feel loopy like my eyes were just bugging out and that.  (Ha ha sounds wierd)  Anyway.. I didn't know what was going on and I started thinking about B12 and worrying about it.  I've never been tested and I became a full time vegetarian and most time vegan since December.  So then I'm like what should I do.. so I picked up eggs.  I ate eggs-two last night and three tonight.  Hard boiled with celery.  After I did that I felt better last night but anyhow I should just get blood work done and B12 testing if I'm going to use it as an excuse to eat eggs.  Normally I would have used mayo though and the rest has remained raw.    Maybe I was feeling loopy just because my body is adapting  or you know in some way to normal, real food.  But I start to feel like all facets of my life are changing or being challenged and I get a little fearful and want to pull back. 

I had an "out of body" or lucid dream last night.  I felt it was a positive.  I think it was my system rebooting.  Always makes me nervous though.  I've had that happen before.  But I think its part of the detox.  It was to say the least a very interesting experience.  But I don't want to dwell on it.  I want to move on.


Glad to hear you talked to your family and got your fruit on.   I like your reasons for doing this.  I also like to gaze at the sun.  It's best at sunrise and/or sunset.  I feel so happy and connected when I do.  I recommend a book also.  Called Anastasia by Vladimir Megre.  There is a series and Anastasia is the first in the series.  I could not put it down, I might have well bought the series cause I read it in one night.


Your Friend




Estoy bien tambien!   That's so cool! I love lucid dreaming and I think if anything it was probably positive, you getting closer to peace or cleaning out your body.  And thank you for the information on the colonic, it sounds pretty cool and a bit scary.  I certainly won't look into it more until I am back in the States. 

Thank you for the advice on cravings.  I still am not 100% raw but am planning on taking it one step at a time because beating myself up after eating cooked food is just making me feel worse.  Today I have done pretty good.  I have had 2 green smoothies and hopefully I will have another before bed tonight.  I guess I just have to remember how good it feels to eat fruit.  I have noticed how easily it goes down my throat and how much better I feel afterwards.  I had rice last night with the family and i could feel it slowly moving down and I realized that's not how it should feel haha. 

Anyways I am glad to hear you are doing well and thank you again for the advice.  I will have to check that book out!    Hablar con usted pronto!

Your frind


Good luck! :)



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