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Hey guys,


I've been looking into WWOOFing for a few weeks because I want to learn about sustainable organic farming and eat tropical fruit in a beautiful location. Right now my focus is on Hawaii, and I just came across this article while doing some research.


GMO papaya farm gets nuked


I don't know who decided they could take mother nature's perfection into a lab and reconfigure the chemistry of life, but I know the health of the population wasn't funding the operation.

What exactly are the negative aspects of a GMO food? I know they're bad cause they aren't natural by any means but I cant help but ponder for a more in depth analysis.


Any thoughts?

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This is interesting... I LOVE papayas. I never see them organic around here. It's such a bummer. But I'm always hoping they're not gmo, and that the pesticides don't penetrate through the core.


There's a list called the dirty dozen which lists the 12 top foods to buy organic - based on pesticides. But I don't think they account for the potential GMO damage. 


It's really hard to tell what the damage may even be -- but why play with mother nature? It's just like humans to assume that we know the way things should be and force them to be that way - who knows if those plants should exist, would they even survive in the wild? 


Many times things are genetically modified so that they interact with pesticides in a certain way. I believe this is the most common reason to genetically modify things... either way, yikes. If I had a choice, I'd avoid it.

Article on negative health effects of gmo:

Good docs on Gmo's


Seeds of Deception- Jefferey Smith

All his info is good


The world according to Monsanto


Genetically modified trees


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