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Hey all. So as the title of this discussion suggests, I have indeed been a climate skeptic ever since the issue arose. My father has always been very republican (he listens to Rush Limbaugh and watches FOX constantly) and not that there is too much wrong with that, ;) but I know some of his beliefs have been undoubtedly cast on me whether I like it or not. I know this lifestyle is already the best for the planet and everything if it is true, so I have really no bones against being in support of the objectives of the "movement" as a whole. However, I am just wanting a little guidance as to where I can look (besides Inconvenient Truth) for some solid, logical, credible evidence as to the claims of it overall. I have been really trying to relax my beliefs on this, so any suggestions or places to look would be of great help for me and maybe others even as well. Thank you all so much! Peace and love!

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you can start here, connor:

Many governmental reports, the media in many countries, and environmental groups, have stated that there is virtually unanimous agreement in the scientific community that human-caused global warming is real.


this would suggest that the controversy really isn't one.

(it may be wikipedia, but look at where the sources are from)

while the physics behind all this is very interesting, it is not something i have time to elaborate on at present. we should do a decent thread on this in the near future though - may be this may turn into it.

a good point to keep in mind though is jake's rather profound statement here:


there probably isn't anything terribly wrong about being republican, but listening to limburger is pushing things past the edge of reason. ;) bye for now!

in fiendship,


My advice... WHO CARES. Anthropogenic global warming, if it is in fact true, is not even the problem, it's a symptom of a problem: humans are exploiting the planet and squeezing money out of the earth's resources (which is itself the symptom of an even more fundamental problem that has to do with deep trauma and confusion in our species).

Diabetes goes away when the diabetic changes his ways. The same is true of global warming. But the doctor says insulin for life, drugs, surgery! And now we have these ridiculous climate fear mongerers who say we need to spray aerosols in the ionosphere or some crazy BS! They're just as nuts as the oil industry apologists who say nahh there's no problem keep guzzling and burning. Or maybe some corps and mega- contractors stand to make lots of $ hmmmmmm. After all, the more chaos and confusion, the more opportunity for profit!

Whatever the ultimate truth is, there's ALWAYS a reason to do your best for the planet. 

Your energy and attention is much better spent seeking ways to improve your own life, the lives of other living beings with whom we share this planet, and spreading the word and the example. 

i have a 3 questions for you connor


1. if global warming is true - what are you going to do about it ?

2. if global warming is false - what are you going to do about it ?

3. if global warming is unsubstantiated - what ARE you going to do about it?


listen to me connor - in the mean time - get into a low fat raw vegan 801010 diet - get awesomely healthy so you can tackle any of the above outcomes when you find out.

When you find out it might be too late  and definitely harder and more difficult, its like eat all the junk till you get cancer or heart attack and then start healthy eating.

Absolutely :) I've already been vegan for almost 2 years now and I am not going backwards to SAD ever. Onward to raw :) on Day 8 of Banana Island now:p

i want your mickey mouse ears - give them to me !

There is no need to waste time with this. Just think about it, how the hell is mining fuels, burning fuels, cutting and burning forests, plowing topsoil at AN ENORMOUS scale and increasing rate NOT going to affect the climate?  This global warming skepticism is the DUMBEST IDEA EVER. If global warming doesn't happen, THAT's GREAT, but how are the global warming skeptics helping us prepare IF(when) IT DOES happen? The consequences of it HAPPENING far outweigh by a million of it not happening. Sorry to say that most skeptics must be just not logically-minded enough?

Yeah it's obviously not helping the planet or anything, I understand that. Skeptics must be in a state of skepticism even about skepticism, otherwise they are getting too comfortable with a belief. I'm just looking to see if I find it true for more scholarly reasons I guess.

I believe in Global Warming, just not man made Global Warming. Since other planets in our solar system are also heating up. We are not having an effect on them. I believe it is the Sun causing it. However, that doesn't mean we should pollute and dirty up the planet. Pollution causes cancer and hurts the environment.  CO2 is not a pollutant it is what plants live on. The earth is always changing and will always change. Sometimes it will be hotter and other times colder. We have had ice ages, and even our deserts were once lush green lands and some were under water. Areas now covered in ice once were not. It is a cycle. Lets not forget in the 1970s they were warning of a coming ice age, then global warming and now the wording has been changed to climate change.


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