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I was wondering if anyone has had pain after eating bananas?  I have been having this...I started the diet Jan. 1.  I love how I feel otherwise, but lately have been having nausea at night and recently a horrible two day migraine. Just awful. I have had gallbladder issues in the past and it seems similar.   I haven't been having any nuts/seeds/fats because it seems like my body just doesn't tolerate it.  After eating bananas, sometimes I get pain in my upper stomach/gallbladder area, my shoulder and neck hurts horrible and I have to do some deep breathing while lying down to let it pass. I know I need many calories as I am a nursing mom and also doing INSANITY workout program.  Do I need to do a liver cleanse/let it pass/stay away from bananas? I am looking for advice as I do love the positive changes I've had while eating this way. Thank you!

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I'm sorry to hear this. Once gallbladder disease reaches a certain stage, it is all over but the surgery. Bananas do not cause gallbladder disease. Most likely your sad lifestyle before did. End stage gallbladder disease will trigger with almost any food or with no food. If you are continuously ill, go get it out. If your skin is turning yellow, go to the emergency room. If a banana is triggering gallbladder attacks to the point that you have to lie down, it is very sick. You should also know that sometimes a gallbladder becomes diseased in younger people who have a good diet. If this pain is only occurring with bananas and nothing else, I wouldn't touch them.

I don't get problems with specific foods, but sometimes I get a pain in my right should after eating which I've read could be a gall bladder issue. 


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