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Hi everybody,

I've had this problem all my life, my feet suffer severely from Athlete's foot. There were also 3 times in my life where I could've had melanoma (skin cancer) - that's hereditary by the way because so many biological relatives have had it, some severe, some mild - but each time the results were (thankfully) negative.

Last year I was by the dermatologist, who planned an operation for me due to "questionable markings on my skin". I tried to reach the dermatologist beforehand by phone to ask to change the appointment to a more convenient date, but he NEVER went on and as a result of that, my appointment didn't take place at all.

The nurse gave me a prescription for this type of anti-fungus anti-bacteria thing for my Athlete's foot/fungus feet with strenuous instructions, which are hard to regularly follow as prescribed (for someone in my current situation). I never used it because I don't trust the pharma-system.

Though I do feel it is important for me to get my skin checked ASAP because of the markings on my skin, especially since I've noticed new ones have been appearing.

BUT, my main question here is in regard to my fungus feet/Athlete's foot. My skin in that area is horrible - dry, crackled, reptile-ish, and has recently been bleeding too due to me walking around in shoes (that aren't very goodfor casual days or long walks) because my casual shows are in my pension at the moment (but I drive back there this afternoon/evening).

Have any of you suffered severe cases of Athlete's foot/fungus feet? If so, what have you used to treat it?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hi, could you find a solution to this? I've had athelete foot for years and couldn't find a solution



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