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Greetings, everyone! The contents of this thread should be of interest to everyone on this site, and concerns everyone else besides, globally, most gravely on a neurological level. If you already know what this is about from reading the title, you can follow this link at once: IndieGoGo page for "Left in the Dark" book projects


Are our brain hemispheres damaged, the left moreso, with it also being the dominant one? Can we unlock savant-like, genius-type abilities that lie latent in the right hemisphere, currently blocked by the left? Moreover, can we restore our neurology, overall, to a more high-functioning condition? What of our eventual children? What does this mean for them, and how would a generation of foli-frugivorous children be able to better our world, given greater access to a more accurate understanding of the world? How does this relate to foli-frugivorism and ancient traditions?


"Powerful plant chemicals once abundant in ancestral forest diet modified the action of our own sex hormones. This affected brain development and evolution, increasing brain size, changing its structure and enhancing its function. These interconnected factors occasionally led to runaway brain expansion (a feedback loop). Leave the forest or lose connection with the fruit chemicals and the brain expansion stops. In place of accelerating expansion a slow degeneration takes place, this affects one side of the brain more than the other. Paradoxically the most damaged side driven by increasing fear slowly assumes control. This created a complex neurological condition that has resulted in a number of serious psychological symptoms and left us virtually blind to its existence."


More background information:

* Brief synopsis of "Left in the Dark" (Quoted above, this will bring you up to speed in just a minute or so.)

* General information about "Left in the Dark"

* "Evolutionary Biology for the Developmentally Retarded" (a more in-depth overview)

* The official free version of the 2nd edition of "Left in the Dark" (Highly recommended reading.)


I think "Left in the Dark", authored by researcher Tony Wright, is amongst the best pro-fruitarianism literature out there, and it concerns arguably the most important aspect of our health: our mental health, so far as it is dependent upon on our neurology. So, if you feel like propagating the good word on 80-10-10-style diets, and would like more good material with which to counter notions such as "meat gave us bigger brains" and "cooking made us human", I suggest you consider pledging a sum to the help fund a couple of book projects of Wright's, for which he and his team has set up this IndieGoGo page: fundraiser page for "Left in the Dark" book projects (in return for a pledged sum, you'd receive a gift of your choice - e.g., a good book or two [more info on the page and below].)


What's the fundraiser for? Tony Wright is looking to hire 1) ghost writer Andrew Crofts to revamp the account of human evolution outlined in the book "Left in the Dark", to make it more accessible to casual laymen, and 2) a professional editor to help create an even more technical, 3rd edition of "Left in the Dark", for academics. (Wright would've likely taken care of both of these tasks himself if it weren't for his self-acknowledged [supposed] shortcomings [compared to professional writers/editor] when it comes to presenting a body of such multi-disciplinary research that is already quite hard to present well to begin with, especially given what its conclusions imply about its audience members - i.e., that they [we] are more-or-less "brain-damaged", having, figuratively speaking, "fallen from grace".) Depending on the sum one pledges, one is set to receive one or both of these books-to-be (so, should you select any of the available "perks", you could see it all as a pre-order!)


For even more background, I refer you to this thread from last year: Kickstarter campaign for "Left in the Dark" documentary. As 30BAD'ers said back then: "I'm about half-way through book and I'm super excited. If nothing else, this may make me go full raw..." / "I'm currently reading the book. Fascinating stuff :-D" / "Awesome, I pledged $25, I would love to see this made." / "I'm busy reading the book, so good! Can't wait for this to come out :)))" / "Fascinating stuff!" / "Sweet. :)" Last year, Tony Wright also appeared on 30BAD for a Q&A session; "I haven't read it yet but have heard many rave reviews and am keen to take a look." / "I can't wait to get me a copy :)" / "that is such a great book!" / "i am seriously intrigued by your book - it sounds fascinating! :D Im definitely gunna start saving up for it :D" / "Grea[t] book." / "I absolutely love this book." [What academics and experts in relevant fields have said.]


The Kickstarter campaign for the documentary (see link above) was perhaps a bit too ambitious too soon, considering most (?) of the fanbase of Wright and his ideas, and probably most of the potential fanbase in the near future, is, or will be, right here on 30BAD, whose members, I'm guessing, aren't exactly rich. However, there are now 9,000+ members here at 30BAD, and we can all definitively spare a good deal more than 1.5 dollars, to get the funds for these projects up to and above the goal sum of 14,000 dollars (and the more you pledge the more goodies you get, if you want them, when the projects have been realized.)


Unlike with the Kickstarter campaign last year, this one at IndieGoGo is setup for "flexible funding", meaning that money you pledge is not refunded in case they don't meet the goal sum [EDIT: but when I spoke with Tony about this, he said he'd go for refunding the money to the pledgers - so, don't know why those who set up the page set it to "flexible funding" then!]. (The pledges made for the documentary project finally amounted to $4,374 - a measly sum compared to the goal sum for that project - still, that was with only 33 backers, and very few of those from 30BAD, so, this time around, if you know/learn what this is all about, and if you want this valuable, perhaps even crucial [for the future well-being of mankind], information spread, and you notify others of it beyond 30BAD, these projects will definitely be carried out, and "the message" with them.)


If you've read this and have checked the linked-to extra material, but you're not convinced that this is an urgent matter (understandable), then you still have, (or had, at the point in at which I wrote this) about 60 days to read and understand what is perhaps the most innovative and important book on the foli-frugivorous diet (as well as other related topics and issues), as it relates to the most important aspects of our health, along with some time to make up your mind about this . Again, you'll find the link to the [free] 2nd edition of the book at the top of the page. Now, if you're not interested in this, perhaps you know someone who you think might be? Please inform them of this, and please notify your buddies here on 30BAD!

 Do you see the whole picture?

Many thanks for your attention!

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"$725 raised out of $14,000 goal." Getting somewhere, and still as many as "64 days left."

Hi Nicolas, thanks for posting, had not seen till last night.

The basic proposal is simply finding a way to bring the question of our neural function to mainstream attention. It is potentially such an emotive issue it will demand rigorous scrutiny, something anyone sane would surely welcome?
If our neural system is in fact more or less fine then at least we know the cause of our collective 'strange' behaviour lies somewhere else.

However if there is a problem, and I have proposed a severe problem, so severe we are mostly subjectively unaware of it like classic dementia then no amount of trying to fix what would be an overwhelming range of symptoms or blaming those who exhibit more severe symptoms will ever ever make any real difference. I will simply get worse.
Our ancestors knew something was seriously amiss and developed treatments, the treatments ultimately failed but can give us an amazingly accurate diagnosis.
With an accurate diagnosis there might be a chance as at a stroke it takes away blame and explains why the most dysfunctional/most frightened always drive for control and one thing the demented ego mind likes more than control is to be seen to be clever (not more stupid than average)

If the idea of a spectrum of neural dysfunction accounts for the hierarchy of insanity in an understandable language with support from the perceived credibility of academia then who will stand up for maintaining the status quo, and who would list anyway.

This video, which Tony recently put together, gives a brief overview of some of the phenomena discussed in the book, along with a thematic soundtrack (I quite like the choice of closing song):

Some of the slides are from his presentations. I know some here saw him give one or two at the Woodstock Fruit Festival last year. I reckon some more will see him there again, this year.

I just started reading through the free version, sounds very interesting... :)

Thanks for the post! I'll definitely buy and support if I find it valuable.

Sweet, Kim! If you find the account to be unconvincing, or its implications to not be dire enough to warrant the cost/effort of helping to disseminate the information far and wide to a variety of audiences, at least consider posting your thoughts on the work and related research, i.e. what purported facts or conclusions you deemed to be incorrect.

I read the book twice, and I think that if I hadn’t had, prior to reading it, an interest in some of the fields intertwined in the book, that I would’ve had a significantly harder time integrating the information into something practically meaningful. A few persons I know, knowledgeable in just one or two of the relevant areas, do misinterpret it.

The theories and ideas presented in the book draw mainly from anthropology, behavioral sciences, botany, developmental biology, endocrinology, neuroscience, nutrition, paleontology, pharmacology, primatology, and zoology - an intricate web to disentangle! That’s where a ghost writer and a professional editor would come in...

I hope the massive opening post wasn't too "overwhelming"! I recommend people mostly just check out the links, and not my rambling. Anyway, I recently started a group for those of us who would like to discuss the information to which I've referred, and would like to do so in a more centralized manner. The group is also to serve as a platform from which members, if convinced by the account given and the dire implications thereof, can launch concerted efforts to spread the theories and ideas to others: 'Left in the Dark' 30BAD discussion group.

Thank u 4 mentioning this book in 1 of ur prior posts. I was searching for a book like this to the T. I'm only 1/2 through and plan on re reading it once I'm done. It's fascinating 

I'm halfway through Left In The Dark. It is really great and I highly recommend it! Thank you Tony!!

Even with all the weeks that have gone by, the funds are "only" at $1,862. Still, that's with only 16 funders (and I believe this is without Tony having "chased" after the people who previously contributed to the documentary project - I'm not sure they're even aware of this), so the dedicated members of the "fanbase" sure are willing to give/"give" substantial sums.

I recognize a few 30BAD members amongst the contributors. It's nice to see the theories and ideas gain more of a foothold here (do join the LitD discussion group if you'd like to have contact with other readers and, possibly, experimenters. It'd be a waste to just tuck the knowledge on a shelf in a bookcase and one's mind! Remind your fruity friends to give it a read!)

When/if these projects become realized, hopefully the resulting books will get the ball rolling fast enough for the dissemination of the material to occur much more "on its own" from then on, and, with increasing popularity (or controversy), gain the attention of more affluent investors, who could finance that documentary project with Malone.

"It seemed fairly clear after the first few weeks that the more costly objective looked unlikely at this stage. However continued communication with a number of people outside the Indigoe project has led to some promising developments and financing the collaboration in the near future now seems likely.
     The costs of a revised edition of LITD are close to being met and with some additional finance from this years talks should be feasible over the next few months.
     So I will start work with immediate effect and keep you posted on significant developments, if you have read the 2nd/current edition and have any suggestion for areas of improvement please be in touch."

So, even with the IndieGoGo fundraiser having come short of its goal (~$2,000 out of $14,000), Tony recently sent out an update with the good news above. (Tony has been in contact with the people who were once interested in funding the documentary project, amongst others.)

It appears, then, that the 3rd edition of Left in the Dark will start becoming a reality in the near future, and that Tony will retain creative control over the process. Like Tony, I'm thankful to all who contributed and/or have posted and talked about the material.

Hopefully, within the next several years, the theories and ideas will be more deeply considered (and perhaps promoted, if deemed to hold up to scrutiny) by a wider spectrum of ever larger audiences, at the very least by dietary communities and neuroscience academics.

(Also, click here for the latest interview with Tony.)

I read about this on Disinfo.com shortly after discovering 30bad.

fruity Synchronicity!



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