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Fruit Path Question . Loren Lockman Said 30bad(way) brings early death

"Loren Lockman‎Jonas, I can't second the 30Bad recommendation as encouraging people to overeat is irresponsible and completely misinformed. Eating even one calorie more than one needs is simply creating an additional burden on the body and insures faster aging and death."

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Keith Jacksonbrilliant...! do you know of many other advanced fruit path teachers..?

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Join 30bad ...

Thoughts , feed back, ideas on responses?  

Thermic effect of food , fuller energy...

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We aren't over-eating. We are eating enough to sustain ourselves and perform at the fitness levels we desire. You can't not eat enough and do the things we do.

... That's odd. Just one calorie more than one needs?  Shouldn't I just use that excess calorie up by doing an activity? I get that being sedentary and over-eating fatty foods is unhealthy- but how can you over-eat on foods that make you less sedentary?

If that were true we would all be too busy being dead to respond. 

Loren Lockman must use the exact same amount of physical and mental energy every day.

if you can't over eat by more than one cal, in any single day then by default you should always be under eating! what a load of bull****!

" For those not familiar with this terminology, the "thermic effect of food" simply refers to the energy necessary to consume and digest our food. TEF is part of the issue, but the easiest way to think about this is, I think simply that consuming anything requires work/energy on the part of the body, so consuming no more than the body needs means that no excess energy is being expended. Further, as the body becomes more efficient, we simply need less fuel. But overeating increases metabolism and means that we will need even more fuel to accomplish the same amount of work than we did in the past...more fuel means more work and more energy expended.

To date, the only thing that has been proven to extend life is consuming fewer (but enough) calories.
" - Loren

That doesn't even make sense.  How can that be proven?  What is fewer calories?  Fewer than what, fewer for who?


What DR is suggesting is no different than the person who is withholding calories from them self to try to manipulate the body into a particular outcome. In both cases, the unspoken thinking is that they are smarter -- more aware of what their body needs -- than their body. This is absolutely never the case. To get the ideal number of calories for your body, when hungry, eat slowly and mindfully of those foods that belong in the body and listen when the body says, "enough." Any other approach is a poor second at best, and more likely will have significant deleterious consequences over time."  _ loren
(i think this calls for a DR response video)

That's cool, and it makes sense, but I don't feel it's appropriate and here's why: Our "mission" is to get people to eat fruit. By far, our BIGGEST obstacle, is that people's stomachs are used to digesting small volumes of food. If you eat meat and chips for 25 years and all of a sudden start trying to stuff 30 bananas in, your body has absolutely NO IDEA how much food it needs. 

I appreciate what you're saying, but unfortunately, 99.99999% of newcomers and people struggling to stay raw for long periods of time will get absolutely nowhere trying to listen to their body and eat mindfully. So tell this to anyone who's been struggling to really get started and they will stop trying to hit their caloric goal on cronometer and start eating until the body says "enough," which for most people starting out on high fruit, is about 1500 calories. I fear that would result, for most HCRVers, in a recipe for disaster, anorexia, low energy, binges, cravings, etc etc etc etc etc. 

So if you are saying that long-term, we shouldn't be trying to stuff in 7,000 calories a day just because we can fit it in our stomachs, that's all well and good. But be careful 'round these parts because newbies can't listen to their bodies. And this site is generally geared towards giving advice to newbies until they can figure stuff out for themselves. That's why we say to pack in the cals, and that's why TEF isn't even relevant until you've been high-fruit for a long time and your body becomes more efficient. Then if you decide to throw 8,000 cals down the hole every day just because you can and not because your activity level requires it, TEF becomes relevant. 

not my words but yea i agree i want to live harder and have more energy and even if this means i wore my body out faster , i had more fun.

i couldn't imagine advising people or telling people what to do my experience with that is they will do the opposite . ;)

not my words but yea i agree i want to live harder and have more energy and even if this means i wore my body out faster , i had more fun.

i couldn't imagine advising people or telling people what to do my experience with that is they will do the opposite . ;)


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