30 Bananas a Day!

12,000 calories. That's what Olympic swimming uberstar Michael Phelps eats in a day.


He does it with pizza and pancakes.


Can you match him---with only fruit?!?!


That's right, you are now officially double-durian dared to eat 12,000 fruit calories in a day.


Post your thoughts.


And please, if you complete this challenge, make a list of what you ate! Both to confirm calories count and so we can laugh with you at the amazing amount of fruit you knocked back in one awesome day!!



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Hmm. That's an interesting one. Can't say I'm really tempted to try, but I think it's probably doable. 


I see the main obstacle as expending the vast quantity of energy needed to generate the hunger needed to eat that much food without vomiting. 


If you weighed 160 pounds and ran at a pace of 10 mph for 8 hours you would have only burned  9,600 calories, still short of what Phelps burns. 


It would have to be some serious exercise. 


I guess you could stick to just dates, but it would still be a huge quantity of food. 



Awesome!  Your plan is my plan. I'm training for my first ultra and I down cals like a pro...had about 4500 today and its a rest day. still a long way from 12k but heck its worth the try.

Are you experienced with ultras and tris? I think that's so cool. Do you have any advice for an aspiring ultra athlete?! I know I'm in over my head with a 50 mi so I need some good advice from someone who has been there done that!

O okay. 50k is good! Way to go. and props for those training runs, too.


Spring to Ironman? youre crazy haha (crazy cool)    Love the attitude, go big. :)


Are you sure i CAN? let me tell you now, I may be out of my mind, living in an ultramarathon dream world because I read a few books about people running phenomenal distances (born to run, ultramarathon man, running for my life) and now I think I magically can. My strategy has been to pick a race wayyy over my head and try to do that; I'm shooting for either epic success or failure in the pursuit. I'm like you, wanting the big challenge, go big or stay home. The longest official race I've done to date was (drumroll please) a 5k! ..pause...  are you laughing?  8th grade 2-milers and high school cross country 5ks are my only race experience.


Do you still think I can, knowing the total lack of depth of my experience? I think I can. My theory is that I can do it as long as I don't know that I can't. "I think I can, I think I can" -The Little Engine That Could




Heart rate you say? whats heart rate should I shoot for on say a 6 mile run and a 20 mile run? (and do you know what pace I need to be able to run 20 miles at to be able to finish a 50 mi in 15 hours? rough guesstimate is fine. Like 3hours 20 minutes(so 6mph)? I have no idea). Okay I promise to go up to the hills and runnn.


If i can run a marathon I can run a  50k? what about..if I can run/walk a half marathon i can not die in a 50mi? haha because thats my situation.


Hell's Hills 50 Miler   April 2nd, 2011




Okay well i suppose the important thing is whether or not I can do back to back 20's, not if it takes 1 or 6 months to get there. So I'll give that a shot.


Ok blood lactate test sounds interesting...I'll look into that. Gotta find one in my area but i bet there is one close since I live near the DFW metroplex (dallas, tx)


thanks for the input



So far 9000 makes you the high bidder, congrats. ha.

You've clearly gone bananas! (I just googled the Everest Challenge)

Good luck with that man! I love how extreme that is. 208 miles and 29k ascending. wow.

...hail the crazy awesome guy...

 The only trouble with eating 12,000 calories of fruit I am afraid is that I would be on the potty  more than training.  That's a lot of fiber to come out!
i'm definitely up for the challenge... I'm probably doing a 24 hour run in May, and shooting for this will definitely keep me going!

Hey man! you sound like someone who may know...is a 50mi within the boundaries of possibility for someone (me) whos longest run has been 13.25 mi (really slow, like 3 hours) when the race is 2.5 months away?


And if not..well how far could I get before going unconscious on the trail?

to me it doesn't sound like a good idea... if 13 took you 3 hours, a 50 miler would just be a complete sufferfest especially with a name like hell's hills. While alot of ultra running is about pushing your boundries and comfort levels, an even bigger part is running within yourself.  I love ultras and its awesome you want to do them, but i would start out with a trail marathon because its an entirely different ballgame.  I'd also highly recommend volunteering at an ultra.  you'll get to see how they're run, see the people that do them, ask them their advise/times, and probably get a free shirt and maybe all the leftover fruit... Don't try and push yourself too fast, start running trails, nice and easy with lots of water and fruit.  You WILL get there eventually but I would say to do one in the fall after getting a good summer of training in! Hope that helps, and feel free to throw any questions my way, I'd love to help out in any way i can.  and if you havent already, read born to run and ultramarathon man (even though im not a fan of dean, its a great book to get a person pumped on ultras)
well...if I undertrain enough, I'm bound to be injury free. (that's sarcastic) (but may happen)

thanks for your thoughts!  I'll follow the advice about volunteering and training on trails...but I think I'm still going to shoot for the 50mi. I am craving a crazy challenge. To me, to try this 50mi and fail would still be a success and I bet I'd learn a lot. If I were bloody and bruised and dropped after like 30mi, heck that would be an ultra in my eyes. and Im doing it for me so...eso funciona. Then yeah the fall will be great for another challenge after a summer of hard training.


haha those two books are what started me on ultras!!! (along with running for my life: on the extreme road with Ray Zahab, another good one...not a bestseller though, very real..just about how he went from avg joe to ultra Ray...talked about his training and races...its like $3 on the kindle i think, so a good deal if you have a kindle)

btw, im just curious, whats the prob with Karnazes? (i have a feeling his paleo-ish diet may be the issue since this is 30bad....or his sell-out status)



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