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Frequent Urination (going to the toilet to pee all the time!)

Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has noticed since becoming LFRV that the number of times they need to go to the toilet to urinate has increased.


I noticed that I am going to the toilet nearly every 40 minutes....it is almost like a disability!! And if I have just eaten a fruit juice I will be in the toilet in 20 minutes!!


I have been meaning to check my fluid intake against my fluid output, because it certainly looks like I am urinating out more than I am putting in, which does not seem to make sense??


I was concerned that I may be becoming diabetic as I know one of the symptoms for diabetes is frequent urination and also cold hands and feet (another thread, I just started!), both of which I have.


I took my blood sugar first thing in the morning before having eaten and it was 4 mmols (or something - Australia standard) and then I drank a litre of freshly squeezed orange juice and waited 45 minutes before taking my blood sugar again - this tiime it was 6.4 mmols.


The second value is well within the apparently normal range (5-8 mmols) and the first value was a bit low, but considering it was my fasting blood sugar it is probably about right - so the blood sugar values don't seem to indicate diabetes for now!


Anyone else got this frequent urination problem? Any ideas as to why? Any ideas as to how to stop it?


Thanks in advance

Sorry if this has been covered already

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Hey Reality, this certainly happened with me as well. You're losing water weight, which is normal. When you were taking in so many toxins before (in the form of cooked food, animal products, salt, etc.) you're body retained so much water to dilute these toxins. Now that there are less toxins in your body, it can let go of some of the water. Also, cutting out the refined salt (which is just another toxin) definitely does this. If you have any refined salt now, I bet you 10 bananas that you'll swell up like a balloon! 


So it is definitely temporary, I know it's really inconvenient for the time being, but your body has to do what it has to do! It'll pass as long as you stay consistent on the 811 path. Also, still make sure you're drinking enough water so you're urinating clearly at least 10 times per day and a couple times at night. 


This little phase will go down the drain in a matter of time! :)


Chris Randall

Thanks Chris,

I am 65 kg in weight and nearly 6 foot tall - it does not look like I am retaining water on my body as there is not much of anything there at all?  


Also I have been very close to being pure fruitarian for nearly two years - 90% of my diet is freshly squeezed orange juice and watermelon during that time period. I tend to be a (fruit) juicer - can't seem to eat bananas they give me acne!

Hey RC, you may have an allergy to bananas so it's fine not to force yourself to eat them. I would recommend against getting the majority of your calories from fruit juice however. When you take the soluble fiber away from the fruit sugar, this can potentially cause blood sugar imbalances because the fiber isn't there to slow the absorption of sugar. Also, many nutrients are lost when we take away the fiber. It's definitely evident that we were designed to consume whole fruits and veggies. While there's nothing wrong with an occasional fruit juice of OJ with the pulp added back in, I would definitely recommend replacing the juices with another calorie staple, like dates, grapes, or mangoes. You could blend them up into a smoothie (I do this most of the time) and it's kind of like a juice, only it leaves all of the fiber intact. 


As far as being pure fruitarian for 2 years, that's a little confusing why you'd be getting this sudden surge of urine. Is it clear? Have you done anything different in your diet/lifestyle recently? 


Also RC, don't forget to get your greens in man! While some people might say 100% fruit is optimal, I definitely think that 2%-6% of our calories should come from young tender greens (lettuce, spinach, celery, etc.). 




Chris Randall

Thanks again Chris,


I have had frequent urination the whole two years and cold hands and feet.


You may be right about the lack of fiber as I prefer to go for just juice and only juice. I pretty much go for only juicy fruit. What I have been eating is pretty much only orange juice 40% dietary intake), watermelon (not juiced- 40% dietary intake), mangoes (not juiced), dates, pineapples, grapes, dried raisons. There is not much else I eat apart from the aforementioned.


I don't really eat greens, although I intend to include them in the future now as I bought an expensive cold pressed juicer last week. I am thinking more electrolytes(mineral salts from the juice vegies may keep the water in my body??)


Me too!!!  I go every 2 hours - day AND night.  It's the night that gets a wee bit annoying (intentional pun there!!!)  I worry about the broken sleep - I do fall straight back asleep but I imagine solid sleep is surely better than broken sleep.  I was actually going to add a discussion about frequent peeing myself today...It works out for me 12 x a 24 hour period which I think is the high end of what's recommended here???  I was wondering if due to the volume of raw food i'm eating if I could actually cut my water down to 1 litre during the winter months...i'm eating 3000-4000 calories daily plus 2 litres of water.

Wow - every 40 minutes!!!  I feel for you - are you going all night too???  If you're new to raw, it could be your body releasing fluid retention from a former salty diet???

As for the coldness issue - I feel freezing too - all over especially when I sit down to eat.  Dr Doug mentions in one of his writings that us Raw Foodies run a couple of degrees cooler than Cooked Fooders and it is also Winter here in Australia. 

Actually, to test the 'do we run cooler' theory, maybe we could start a discussion where everyone posts their first thing in the morning temperature...

Hey Nadia thanks for the input. Yeah I forgot to mention the night time urination - this is definitely the worst as as you pointed out it interrupts one's sleep so I feel really tired in the morning. At night I found I could go about 2 hours before I had to get up to urinate. So during 8 hours of sleep  I am going about 4 times. I am pretty sure I have a lower temperature than most people.

I was going a lot too in the beginning and at night which was driving me crazy! Before 811, I've was the type of person who urinates frequently since I try to drink a lot of water. So getting up every 2 hours at night was not making me a happy person.

I have started to drink 2-3 big glasses of water before breakfast and then a moderate amount during the day. I have cut back on the amount of water I consume in the evening because I decided uninterrupted sleep was more important. This has helped me.

I am hoping what Chris has posted is also true.

Hey Jill, when I first went 811 I was peeing like crazy too. It's just like I said, the body letting off water weight. But part of it for me too was finding the right ratio of water/juicy fruit. For example, if I drink too much water relative to the juicy fruit I eat, I have trouble going to the bathroom all night. Now, one thing that is important to remember though is that in order to be properly hydrated, we should be going to the bathroom at least once per night, maybe 2-3 times. It's not so much that your sleep is interrupted actually. We go through 70-90 minute sleep cycles, wake up for a brief moment (usually we don't even remember this) and then go back to sleep. So when you wake up "to pee" at night, it's not so much you're waking up to pee, you wake up and realize that you have to pee. 


I hope that helps! 



Chris Randall

No i am eating no fat. And not much pulp. This is definitely the reason I am now sure of it - too much pure fructose and glucose without anything else - its a classic diabetic "frequent urination" symtom. My version of this diet is pretty extreme as I can't eat bananas and avocados and nuts due to an allergy - food that would probably slow the release of sugar into my bloodstream. Thanks for your feedback I reckon I will have to make a few adjustments.
you hit the nail on the head...more fiber in the way of WHOLE fruits and greens. We all have had the constant urination at the beginning of this journey but it sounds like your not new to this.
I like your style. "Uninhibited" very rare! Yeah my friend was thinking that perhaps I am not emptying my bladder and should get a bladder scan done after I urinate to see how much urine was left in there. Personally used to drive a taxi and could not make any money as I spent all my time driving around without passengers desperately looking for public toilets - it was then my friend told me about these condoms with tubes attached to them which in turn are attached to catheter bags - one simple ties the catheter bag around one leg and bingo....what did Jim Hendrix say "Freedom, FREEEDOM, freeedom" while rotating his whole arm while strumming! Being poor I thought it could be a small business idea - you know catheter bags customised in football team colors and what not! You know how impressionable people are...it would only take one "personality disorder" walking down the "hip" part of town wearing a rainbow catheter, before a couple of other insecure "attention" seekers get it into their head its the latest fashion statement!
Thanks french apple. I am having too much sugar wihtout fat and pulp. I need to make some dietary adjustments.


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