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how do you guys go about family dinners during the holidays? and more specifically, for easter? do you bring your own food, or do you carb-up from home?

do you have any traditional recipies for this holiday that you'd like to share? :) i'd love to get inspired to impress my family with some fresh, natural dessert or salad

YUM, can't wait.

Picture and recipe taken from http://www.flickriver.com/photos/laurabento/4481930405/ 

Fruits use:
-jicama (white)

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I love that pic!! So cute!!

For easter, my family is so used to my "weird" way of eating so they just give me what I want. If I say to my grandmother that I'd like a salad for dinner and fruit the rest of the evening, that's what I'll get. My mom thinks it's hilarious that I want a big eater-egg filled with strawberries and bananas xD

this comment just gave me a whole lotta hope for an enjoyable easter day :) how did your family react when you became a vegan? (im assuming that you became a vegan before going hcrv, correct me if im wrong)

So happy to be of help to you! :D I'm sure easter will be great, just relax and be there to enjoy the company of your family! 

I started out a vegetarian, then slowly just ended up as vegan xD I was like "oh, mom, by the way... I don't eat eggs anymore" Eggs were my last hurdle, so that essentially made me vegan! She is really accommodating, buying me the groceries I want/need. If there's something special (just to be tofu/seeds etc.) I buy them myself. Now, I tend to buy my own bananas, so relieve my mom of some of the cost. I know I'm really truly lucky and privileged to have a mom like her! 

We don't celebrate Easter :( But if we did I'd probably just have some carrot cake (Carrots blended with dates) and banana ice cream :)

good idea! i can sense that the next phone call to my grandmother with be a very long one ;)

Yummmyy ;)) This picture looks so delicious!

We also do not celebrate easter very much... actually my whole family (just my mum, dad, 8 dogs..and me;)) eats everyday the same way: fruits and veggies :D, but if I'm invited to a birthday party for example, then I bring my own food with me and usually they always tell me that mine looks very delicious and pretty ;) last time it was a bowl of zucchini noodles with lot's of berries and mango and fruit-sauce.

My inlaws, who don't really "get" my veganism, but who have seen it help me lose 40 pounds, very reliably provide delicious salads and cut melons and pineapples for me.

That looks amazing!
I don't know what I'm doing for Easter. I'm 16 and went vegetarian a year and half ago and just went HCRV yesterday. 
My mother thinks I'm starving myself, although on my veggie lifestyle I only got around 1400 calories a day, I'm getting around 16-1700 calories a day now. Working my way up. 
Everytime I get into a new diet (only been twice so far,) my mother is mad. When I went veg everyday she was mad at me. Trying to look out for me or just plain pissed that I'm trying to better myself. She's starting that phase as I'm in my second day of HCRV. 

On holiday I normally brought my fake meats and cooked them either at my house for the celebration or at the cousins house. This time I'm gonna bring bananas galore and a salad and everything. This I can guarantee will raise an eyebrow or two. 

Love those baskets! 

I made a raw strawberry cheesecake once and me and the hub loved it!!

Here it is: http://www.theppk.com/2009/05/raw-strawberry-cheesecake/

Love it w/ the strawberry coulis!


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