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So I fell off the wagon the past month and binged on all sorts of cooked food and dairy. My acne came back with a vengeance and I bloated out like crazy and gained 20lbs of fat/fluid/waste and I feel awful. That being said, I am taking this as a learning experience and I'm getting my but back in the fruit train because it makes me look and feel amazing. I'm just going to forgive and forget and keep moving forward. Thanks for all the support everyone gives.

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geeeze 20lbs?!  I've pondered taking a break from this way of eating or after 5 going for some SAD food but I cant help but wonder how aweful i'd feel i feel so good now I'd be weary to even try. Seems like theres no point in eating like I used too.

Best I can tell you is just dust yourself off and get back on the wagon! Its no big deal live and learn.

Thank you so much and I'm sure 15 or more of it is just water and waste but I don't really look at the scale anymore, maybe once a month. Makes me feel so much better. But it's these learning experiences that I actually enjoy because it shows me how much I love the fruity lifestyle. :)

sometimes you gotta fall off a few times with stuff like this to learn to hold on better. Few months ago i took a bite of pizza now i hadnt eaten that in over a year. But I wanted to see what i was missing. I took the bite yeah it wasnt bad but i'll take my bananas thx! All it did was remind me of what i wasnt really missing.

Love it. Learn, forgive and forget and move forward! You're on it!

jim, you could always just go for a rare raw high fat meal.  i think as a rare treat much better than a crappy s.a.d. meal. especially when you're like 90/5/5 most of the time. Or a low fat high carb raw fancy thing or some cooked carbs if u dont do that regularly.  Sometimes I go to this spanish place that has fiied plaintains, dehydrated ones, yucca cooked in water and salt (tuber), and some rice.  Giving yourself a meal off once in a great while won't hurt, but I wouldnt go off the wagon regularly.  Sometimes I'll go to Moe's and get a salad with no meat or tofu, rice and beans, all the veggies cooked and not and throw some salsa and squeeze some lemon and lime slices with another side of rice.  Keep it fruity guys and gals! :)  And do not beat yourself up.  Always stay carbed up.  If youre feeling sad or cranky, time to up the carbs.  Eat enough carbs until you cna't eat no more!!

I've been eating boiled yucca now and then. I find a few few potatos makes me sick to my stomach odd becuase before this diet I never had a problem with them. But Boiled up yucca however is a nice treat. I dont put anything on it cept maybe some salsa sometimes. I like it just plain maybe i'm wierd.

Yep.  I had a month of parading around.  I was away for a month in another country.  Fruit was more expensive and the food was provided for me so I had no intention of staying LFRV.  However, I blew up.  Porked up about 10+ lbs and had my sinus troubles come back.  I got an infection and everything.  It is just more motivation to keep with the fruit.  I am back now and today is the first real day back to work.

We're all flawed and no one is perfect my friend, so just chock it up to bad stuff behind you and make your next meal a health one. I agree that one meal once in a while is probably okay as long as you are going to eat the right way over 80 percent of the time. Hang in there!

20lbs in one month?! Holy sh**t!! That sounds like quite the experience ;-)

I've fallen off the wagon MANY times, and as much as I've hated myself for it, I'm glad I did. Because if I had never fallen off the wagon, I wouldn't have learned the importance of carbing up! Just consider it a lesson and move on. We all do it! You're fine! :)

Yeah, it was a great lesson learned. Next time this happens, I think I'll have a low fat vegan cooked meal and not feel guilty about it because that is how a food addiction starts. I'm just glad there is a place where we cn get so much support from others. Too bad alaska doesn't have any other 80/10/10 ers that I know of. :(

Way to go! And I feel ya, I'm probably the only vegan in PA, let alone the only raw vegan. I'm also glad that there is 30 BaD too, because this site helps me learn a TON and get so much support.


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