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I thought this was sad...found on a raw food forum, someone comes along with a health concern and wondering if all the fat is healthy and many telling them in response to eat lots of fat, and even limit fruit.




The problem is that simple observations either contradict or contravene the "calories in equals calories out" dictum so often heard. The quality of calories is a factor in human metabolism, all calories are not equal.

In order for the body to store fat it must receive certain hormonal signals, it must be "told" to do so. Carbohydrates drive insulin which drives fat storage, it is a well understood metabolic pathway. Carbohydrates also drive hunger, which is physiochemical in addition to being neurological. Rate of metabolism is also programmed by the quality of calories. Higher fat diets lead to higher metabolism versus the lower metabolism that the genes tend to express on a lower fat diet.

The more fat you consume the less hungry you will be, and unless you have a serious genetic disorder, consumption of adequate fat will act to inhibit the consumption of excess calories.

It is all perfectly logical, unless you consider biochemistry to be illogical.

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"It is all perfectly logical, unless you consider biochemistry to be illogical."


Oh, alright.

Yes anyone disagreeing with their assumptions is just an idiot.
Oh man! What about that fact that Red Blood Cells can ONLY utilize glucose (carbs). Or that the brain runs on and uses so much glucose or that certain Kidney Cells ONLY use Glucose.  I wonder what happened in that biochemistry.  The mis-information out there is so abundant.  Wow!!
Joni. Now why couldn't somebody come on there and reply with that?
I know that is my question.  I heard Paul Nison talk about fruit and how dangerous it is. And my mind goes something like "Okay then, what do you eat?"  No one can explain how to get the calories from something besides fat. And then no one can explain why the brain runs nearly exclusively on glucose and how the cells need it etc.  But we should be cautious eating it.  Like Fred Patenaude said "why is the sweet taste on the tip of our tongues - was the creator wrong in putting it there". Good question.  Either that or the fat pushing crowd is misled.  Likely
The more fat you consume the less hungry you will be?

We live in societies where many have forgotten what hungry feels like. Fat is, in a sense, an addiction for many. If I even slightly overeat fat, I always want more...not less. 
Biochemistry, maybe--although I don't totally believe this is true. However, we are also talking about human relations with and views about food. 
Yes, when I eat a little fat I always crave more.   When I was doing gourmet raw and dehydrated, I found it hard to eat fresh food.
It's not ok to talk about anything else but what Alissa is promoting (and selling?) so the moderator will probably kick you out real quick if you talk about the low fat diet (especially 811). Been there, done that. :)

I can't eat too much fat. I start to crave carbs after eating so much of it.


The more fat you eat the less hungry you will be for more fat in my experience

i only looked at the first page.


i like nadien's style and calmness and modernmonkey's thoroughness - she immediately got the point of the article namaste mama cited and noted that it referenced mainly stuff from the 50s and 60s. i couldn't see anything even from 2000 (though there were a couple of 1998).

may be we should get them over here.


namaste mama really needs more carbs for sure. :D


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Good points prad, I noticed that as well.  The above quoted was on page 3 when I saw it.  


Jacob I noticed that too, posters cannot reference Doug Graham, 811 or a low-fat diet.   It's all written out in the guidelines.    It's surprising because she used Dr. D's food combining chart in her book, Living on Live Food and also included his recipe for bananas smoothie.  

hey guess what?

nadien is here already!! since january of this year from what i could tell.

take a look:

nadien alexandra m

so that's great!


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