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8/4/2011 routine blood test for thyroid.  My doctor flagged the following as a potential problem:

Alkaline Phosphatase, S  175 (25-150 IU/L) H

My doctor ordered another test 8/18/2011 to isolate the elevation in liver or bone:


                                                          Reference Range

Alkaline Phosphatase, S  151 H          25-150 IU/L

Liver Fraction:                     8 L               26-86%

Bone Fraction:                    89 H              11-68%

Intestinal Fraction               3                    0-16%


She referred me to a hematologist/oncologist.  I showed him the 2nd test.  He said it could be anything.  He could do a whole body bone scan because of my history of renal carcinoma.  Or I could just monitor the ALP with another blood test in 3 months.  I'm leaning towards waiting.  The bone scan entails being injected with a "short-lived" radioisotope that shows up in any "hot spots" in the bone.  If they happened then they'd want to do more tests, x-ray, MRI, biopsy are all possibilities.  His gut feeling, since I have no symptoms, ie bone pain, is that it isn't cancer.  

My left kidney was removed 3/2003.  It had a large malignant tumor that was totally encapsulated.  I did not have to have chemo or radiation or take any kind of medication.

Unrelated, the only prescription I take is 30mg Armour natural thyroid.  My studies show the synthetic Synthroid causes bone loss. The only supplementation I take is methyl B12.

I have been 8/11 for 2 years.  Recently I was using some commercial nonfat salad dressing and salsa.  I realize now that was a mistake and have discontinued their use.  Otherwise I have been strictly 8/11 with great results.

I am bicycling, brisk walking/jogging, yoga, weight training, meditation twice/daily.

Should I eliminate avocado and raw tahini completely.  I had a dressing last night with about 8g of raw tahini.  I go for days w/o any overts.  I have never been able to gain wait on a cooked vegan diet, stable at 6 years straight after the renal carcinoma.  My weight after 8/11 is around 115lbs at 5'8.5", female, 57 years.

Any advice, experience, information would be greatly appreciated.

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If you are not having any discomfort, I would recommend just waiting.  It is elevated, but so close to normal I would not worry about it. 

This could have been cause by your medication as well. 

Sorry about the kidney.  I know what that pain can be like as I have a cyst on mine that started in my SAD days.

Peace, PK

Thanks, PK.   I never knew anything about the kidney, til the tumor was found in a routine exam.  No pain.  The tumor was 10 cm and the urologist/surgeon said it must have been growing for at least 10 years.  I didn't notice the thickening of the midsection since it was so gradual.

You are welcome:D

Do you know why the Dr.  decided to remove the kidney instead of just the tumor? 

Lucky you did not have pain! At least pre surgery.

Peace, PK

Consider researching vitamin K2 with your doctor as well. Best wishes for it to be a blip.


Thanks, Kaz, I will look into the K2, although I'm not crazy about supplementing.

Deficiencies in B12, Vit D, K2 have less well-known effects in the medical community and may be relevant or maybe not. The knowledge of doctors can be extremely patchy with all the research in their own field they need to keep up with.

Your doctor may be well-versed and have taken then into account already. 

I wasn't suggesting you supplement per se.

best of luck. 

Kaz, is there a food source for K2?

Yes but the best aren't approved here and I got told off last time for telling people. Just bung it into google.

Or there are supplements available, one being a liquid from Thorne.

But, research it first to see if its actions may be suitable for your issues. 

The daily lipid always has good stuff.


Avoiding supplementation is good because of the delicate dance all these compounds play out in our bodies.

''Overall, then, we see that both vitamins are needed for optimal health. Vitamin A alone did nothing to benefit the kidneys or the lungs. Vitamin D alone caused a remarkable reduction in the ability of carcinogens associated with cigarette smoke to induce lung cancer but itself caused kidney stones. When vitamin A was combined with vitamin D, lung cancer was improved just as much, and the kidney calcification was completely eliminated. Moreover, the activation of vitamin K-dependent proteins in the kidney was much stronger with both vitamins than with neither treatment, suggesting that the vitamin A not only "antagonizes" vitamin D toxicity in the kidney, but that the two vitamins synergistically improve kidney health.''

" aThe authors made another interesting observation that I had not hypothesized: vitamins A and D appear to increase the turnover of vitamin K and the conversion of vitamin K1 to vitamin K2. In the D group, liver stores of K1 were reduced and kidney levels of MK-4, the form of vitamin K2 that animals synthesize, were increased. All A groups, whether the A was given alone or in combination with D, had reductions in both K1 and MK-4 levels. The authors referred to this as "antagonism" between vitamins A and K, but since vitamin A improved vitamin K-dependent activation of MGP, could it not be that the reduction in K1 was due to conversion of K1 to MK-4 and that the reduction in MK-4 was due to increased utilization and turnover of MK-4? The authors never suggested that vitamin D "antagonizes" vitamin K1, for example, even though its levels were reduced.

I have pointed out elsewhere that even modest amounts of vitamin D, whether provided by UV-light or in the diet, decrease liver stores of vitamin A; when the doses of D are larger, they decrease plasma levels of A as well. This suggests that vitamin D increases the need for and turnover of vitamin A. The data in the Tufts study suggest that vitamins D and A both increase the turnover of vitamin K2, but that vitamin A has a special effect of curbing the huge increase in the need for vitamin K2 in the kidney. Thus, vitamin A both calms the waves rocking the boat of vitamin D toxicity while helping to steer the ship at the same time, navigating the passengers to safety.

Is the theory that the fat-soluble vitamins "antagonize" one another rather than cooperate with one other ready to die the death it has long deserved? There is a reason, of course, that traditional diets and lifestyles provided all three of them together — because they cooperate with one another to support life, growth, and radiant health.""

Imagine a room full of short and long seesaws, all overlapping and of different heights. Imagine trying to move one end of one, and ONLY one, in the far corner of the room, by placing a weight on one seesaw by the door. You are not allowed to significantly affect the others. Tough call. Same difference if you want to affect 3 specific ones [and only those three]


But, interestingly, if this is true, Sunshine, fruit and greens should provide vit A, Vit D and Vit K1 [to make K2] and make this all works beautifully! Healthy teeth, bones, kidneys...


I can agree with the following: 

But, interestingly, if this is true, Sunshine, fruit and greens should provide vit A, Vit D and Vit K1 [to make K2] and make this all works beautifully! Healthy teeth, bones, kidneys...

The average kidney is 10-13cm.  He said the tumor itself was 10 cm.  He thought it was the safest way to remove the tumor w/o spreading the cancer.

Thanks for sharing.  That makes sense.  Peace, PK



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