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Hey guys.  I named my post after a pretty cool youtube video I saw with an eminem soundtrack.  I have always been pretty skinny.  I like to do pushups and pullups but I would like to put on a little bit of poundage and was considering going to the gym and getting a membership for a few months while I am still living in the US.  I know I won't be getting too much bigger in just a couple months but I don't really care about being alot bigger, but I've always had trouble gaining weight.  But then again, Ive never hit the gym consistently.  Is 811 going to be very conductive in gaining mass?  I apologize, this question has probably been asked a million times.


I have seen some guys say that they are eating around 3000 calories to gain mass, but of course they are eating like 40-50% protein and 30% carbs.  Do I just need to commit carbicide in order to gain on 811 and get enough protein?


Can someone tell me why protein makes us bigger and carbs dont?  I apologize if this isn't correct.  I see some of the vids of these guys on here saying they are way stronger but they are way smaller than the guys in the gym.  I'm sure we aren't supposed to be huge like these arnolds and crap but why is it that carbs dont have that same effect?

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Well one big difference right away is that the protein they eat is not raw. It is said cooked protein loses something around 50% of its value to the body(denaturation). Anyhow, protein=bigger/stronger? This still remains to be proven completely considering contradicting results. Check out the video and website (www.thefirstsupper.com from Chris Califano who started out at 133 pounds and gained some good weight. And 40-50% protein by calories is just plain toxic to the body, along with all the other supplements bodybuilders take. Some of this can make you look bigger, yep, but not in a healthy way.

carbs is the fuel whereas protein and fat make up most of the cell content out of these three macro nutrients(i think this is your anwser)......if you want to consume more protein then eat more veggies,it has abundant protein and you can still be 811...30% carb is pretty stupid....your body will convert proteins/fats to sugar for fuel if it needs...why waste energy in conversion process unnecessarily? eat enough calories from fruits and veggies and you will have plenty of everthing....depends on your activity level, i think 50-80g of protein shud help you grow as bodybuilder. It takes time to develop quality muscles at healthy levels....one pound of muscles every month is appropriate with regular training. 

NOTE: romaine lettuce or likewise greens have twice the amount of protein than steak calorie per calorie. So eat your greens and don't worry abt protein:-)


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