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I am at a hotel in the LA area and I decided to go down to the buffet to have some breakfast as it is complimentary, which means that I am paying for it with the room price. I went down and there were the usual bunch of fat and obese (humans?) grabbing all kinds of junk like donuts, bagels, eggs, bacon, dairy etc. I asked the woman who takes care of the buffet if she had any bananas. She said that she did and brought out about 2 bunches (maybe 12 bananas in all). I was about to take maybe 3 or 4 of them and she was holding one out and said just take one. I asked if I can have two and she held another one out which was a little under ripe for me so I asked for one that was a bit more ripe. She held another out and I took the 2 and ate them at a table. She then put the rest of the bananas out on the display. When I was done I went to get 2 more bananas since my usual banana meals consist of more like 10 to 12 bananas. The woman of course was watching me the entire time. I ate the second 2 bananas and went to get another one. I ate that one and I wanted at least one more to take upstairs with me. Still this was only 6 bananas in total, which is about half my usual breakfast. As I was reaching for the last banana the woman came over to me and said "are you going to leave any for someone else?" My quick remark was "why is it ok for the other people to eat 15 donuts or 15 bagels but I can't eat a few bananas?". She answered "ok, just take them all" in a very sarcastic tone. It was a breakfast buffet and there is no limit to how much food one consumes as long as it is on the display. Nobody else was even touching the fruit, lots and lots of the processed junk was being consumed by some very fat and obese people. I see nothing wrong with me eating 6 bananas. What opinions or comments do you guys have? Ever been in a situation like this?

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I think you did fine and if it were me, I'd talk to the manager about it and email them about it later also.
That is a funny story. That lady probably only had that many bananas. Usually they dont plan on someone coming in and eating them all in one go. She probably figured those bananas would last two days of customers who prefer pancakes lol. But ya, thats there own fault. I enjoyed your story.
I agree Eric. That's the only way to understand her unnatural possessiveness about those bananas... Unless she is a secret 811 follower and wanted them for herself. :)
Nice little story. I hope for you, the nanas were at least rudimentally what we call ripe. :)
Why even care what the woman who takes care of the buffet thinks... what is she going to do? If she goes crazy and gives you attitude just go talk to the management and they would probably give you a free night or free points if you juice the story enough. Problem I find when at a hotel with a typical breakfast is that the bananas they serve aren't even close to ripe to the point of being inedible for me. If they serve sliced melon I just swipe it all. If they were concerned about having enough for everyone they should buy more melon to serve.
I totally agree: talk to management about it. They can't expect everyone to want to eat heart attack food
wow how rude of that lady. Glad you made your point.
We were in Hong Kong recently and I loved the breakfast buffet. My fiance was able to eat all the bacon and eggs and muesli he cared for while I stuffed my face with plates full of watermelon and pineapple slices. No one commented. They smiled (and were probably a bit fed up with all the chopping they had to do) but I feel that in Asian countries customer service is still a priority so it wasn't a problem at all. They also had whole (in their peel) fruits like bananas, mandarins and apples, but I was more interested in the nicely sliced up ones :-).

I think you were right and it's good you stood up for eating fruit ;-)
That is just stupid. I am at a hotel now, but I didn't eat the continental breakfast-I ate a pineapple instead up in my room.
Eat up bro! I'm glad to see youre not afraid of a little shock-n-awe... She's obviously never encountered that before and you just blew her doors off. Hey, all you can eat is just that. It's not all you can eat of the SAD diet and a piece of fruit, it's all you can eat.
Great story! I've been experimenting with empathizing, so maybe I would have tried saying something like "I bet you're worried that no one else will have the opportunity to have some fruit." And then see what she says. Keep hearing her out until she has gotten out all of her feelings and then plug her with, "Well, unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone else is really interested in eating fruit this morning, and I really enjoy fruit, so would you mind if I only ate bananas for breakfast?"

Of course, I'm no expert, but since I've started incorporating NVC into my life it's definitely improved social contact. However, I found your style of handling things extremely amusing. I've never had a problem with eating tons of fruit at a buffet myself, but maybe I only remember the good experiences?
What is NVC ?

I am intrigued with what you are saying here - It is like what the american guru Warner Erhard says - that the thing that can get us what we want and help us create the atmosphere / consciousness we want - is often simply just how we " occur for ourselves " in terms of " communication with others ".

I have worked with some of these ideas too - and they can be mindblowingly helpful -


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