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So about three weeks or so I started to feel my ears clogged up first the  right one then the left one, I didn't really put much attention to it since I thought It would go away but it seems that it didn't. I feel the need to pull my ear and when I do I can feel and actually hear something inside crack I don't really know how to explain it. Anyways today I went to see a doctor ( It was a free consultation) and she checked my body temperature, my heartbeat and my ears, She said that the right one was red I guess she meant it was swollen and the left one was even more red or swollen and she confirmed it was an ear infection. She prescribed me an antibiotic, which I can't recall the name but It didn't sound good lol (I'll let you guys know once I get the prescription sheet cause its at my mom's car at the moment) I don't know what might have caused the infection if my diet is very clean I think it can be that I sleep with a fan right by my side facing my ear lol but the hot is so intense that I can't help but to turn it on. So I guess I have an ear infection, what do you guys out there who might know more about this recommend? I wanna try all the natural remedies before taking drugs cause I'm working on detoxifying my body from all the years of drugs ( vaccines, food, medicines) and It doesn't make sense to me to add more -.- . I wanna try the ear candle to see if It helps a lil bit or I have read that olive oil with garlic might help too , or putting a warm onion over your ear BLAH IDK-.- I would let my body heal itself but I'm afraid that the infection might get worse :S

Oh and I wanna add that I don't trust nor doctors nor drugs because It's so easy to see the business behind it, I mean they had a coca cola dispenser machine right in the pharmacy D: LOL ''We offer you the cause of disease and then you buy the solution'' So f***ing retarded. Also all of the pharmacy workers even the doc where overweight lol , Anyways I would love to hear your opinions

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instead of garlic try oil of wild oregano. I would do the ear candling, but thats just me cuz ive never done it before.

The oil of wild oregano sound pretty good but I would have to wait to order it and then receive it so that I can try it, I hope it wont be too late lol, do you happen to know someone who has cured an ear infection with natural remedies? I appreciate your answer (:

Well, I personally promote natural health and healing and promoting health maintenance especially via diet.  

However, I do recommend that people go to doctors for emergency purposes.  Antibiotics are one medication I might say go for as needed, and you do not want to risk losing hearing.  In contrast to that, it does not make sense to take medications to lower cholesterol when all one might need to do is stop eating cholesterol.  About 10% of doctor's services are a necessity, and 90% are bunk.  

So this is your choice.  You know how painful it is and how long you have had it.  Also, nowadays, doctors themselves are reluctant to prescribe antibiotics as resistant strains of bacteria are evolving.  Therefore, if your doctor thought you need antibiotic, then possibly you do.  

In the mean time, try eating oranges.  Oranges have natural pain relievers, are anti-inflammatory, are high in vitamin C and good for the immune system, and that vitamin C may play a role in fighting infections.  


Feel better soon and Peace, PK

Thanks PK really appreciate your opinion. The thing is that I don't feel pain at all nor do I feel dizzy or feel like vomiting like all the symptoms of an ear infection point to. But the doctor said that the symptoms would start later If I don't treat it, she prescribed me amoxicillin but I really wanna leave pills for my last choice lol. I do consume lots of vitamin C, cronometer says that I have consumed 1463% of vitamin C today. But do you think I should take the pills then? :s


Because I know the reluctance of doctors to prescribe antibiotics for ear infections, and because she did, I lean more towards taking the antibiotic.  


You can purchase the amoxicillin and keep it on the side.  

If you have ear drainage with minimal or no pain and or with itching, this may be a sign of healing.  If you start having foul smelling discharge, severe pain, fever, or the symptoms you mentioned, take the pills.  

Ear infections are like sinus infections in the ear with or without a nasal infection or throat infection.  Because of the closed environment of the middle ear, sometimes it can be difficult for the sinus, mucus, and infection to drain unlike what happens in a nasal or throat infection.  

For example, people with swimmer's ear can have water and infection for weeks or months.  

Amoxicillin is one of the more commonly used antibiotics, and IMO, one of the more gentle ones. keep eating your fruit and greens to keep your digestive system moving along normally and your gut flora healthy.  

You can read more about your condition here to help you in making a decision as to what to do:

Ear infection - acute

Swimmers Ear

Ear Infection chronic


How does it feel today BTW?

Peace, PK

I know that if she prescribed it must have been because she knew something was wrong but I have my doubts because she is a doctor which works for a pharmacy, so idk it sound quite like  a business to do a free check up on people and then prescribe them medicines or antibiotics which they sell right there bah -.-  maybe the infection is not that bad and I can heal it with natural remedies (I hope). I've been feeling the clogged sensation for 3 or 4 weeks now and just today I started using hydrogen peroxide drops which seems to help because it makes a bubbling sound and when I drain it I feel like If It's carrying something with it. I also prepared some olive oil with garlic, onion and basil and put some drops but I think they couldn't go deep inside. I haven't felt like vomiting, nor do I get headaches nor do I feel pain on my ear( maybe cause my diet is helping on fighting it, who knows) but just yesterday I started feeling soar throat and today I woke up with a even more soar throat , I dont know If It's related to the infection. 

I do have the pills with me because my mom took some a long time ago when she had an infection, the doctor said that it was a gentle antibiotic but I still don't know I'm so leaned towards natural healing, let the body heal itself that I dont wanna mess with the pills. However I did told my mom that If it gets worse I'll take them. I wanna prove to my mom and my family that my body can do the work with help of natural remedies, that I don't need stupid synthetic dust pressed into pills manufactured by labs. Could it be possible that It can be a hardcore detox symptom ? Like my body trying to expell vaccines, or other s*** that I might have had before? Idk but I hope to heal it without the pills. Thanks for all the info PK I would love to know more about it. And of course I'll keep going hard on the fruits and veggies.
Peace brother, Israel

I was actually going to suggest garlic, onion, or hot olive oil. I actually got stung twice, today, by a yellow-jacket and looked up what was an all-natural alternative to heal the sting, and found that basil works for stings, bites, and ear infections. Luckily, I grow basil, so I just plucked those suckers right off and took a BASIL bath. I would suggest trying any aromatic herb or some hot oil on a cotton ball. Once the oil is absorbed into the cotton ball, stick the cotton in your ears and let the vapors concentrate in your ear. Here's a website that lists some of the things you've suggested, as well as some other options: Remedies for children

Try one remedy at-a-time. Relax. If you have the fan on, find a way to keep your ears away from the fan. I've had this happen to me, as well, and it was also fan-related, hahah.

Damn that must have hurt :S. Great I also grow basil so I might pluck some tomorrow and heat it mixed with olive oil and garlic and I'll see what happens. I'll try all the natural remedies I can before taking the drugs (: Thank you Cass hope you get better and yeah I'll try to keep my ears away from the fan hahaha

ps. Have you ever tried the ear candle? That sound simple and who knows maybe it might work 

I used my mortar&pestle to break down the basil for the juice/oil, by-the-way.

And no I have never tried the candle...I'm assuming it works considering I have heard many people try this method. I never have a candle to experiment with, hahaha.

Are you using a lot the mobile phone, which caused me the earache.

I currently use a headset. Problem gone with in a week.

Find the cause.



Nah I don't even own one lol that s*** messes with your DNA, I think the cause might be the fan right on my ear -.- I have stopped using it though

You've already gotten some tips, but I thought that I would add my experience to the mix.  I had an ear infection in both of my ears several months ago.  Other than when I was a baby maybe, I don't get ear infections.  It started in the one ear and eventually moved to the other.  I'm not certain why it started.  I may have dug in my ears too deeply.  Maybe I scratched something.  I have no idea, but like you, I went in search of natural remedies.  This is basically what I did, and the infection was gone within about a week:

* Oregano Oil diluted with olive oil - I don't remember the ratio, but you could probably Google it for a good ratio for this purpose. I think it was something like 5 to 1 olive oil to oregano oil.  I warmed the oil by holding the dropper bottle in my hand for a few minutes. I then put a dropper full in one ear, laying on my opposite side for around 30-40 minutes.  I massaged the outside of my ear with more oil while I waited.  I put a wash cloth to my ear when I was finished and tilted my head to let any excess oil drain out.  Also, just a warning in advance, this stuff burns.  It's not too bad, but it itches like crazy.

Cotton swabs - You're not really supposed to stick anything in your ear, but I used cotton swabs to get out any of the remaining oil that I had put in my ear.  I just gingerly twisted the stick until I reached the open area inside my ear and gave another gentle twist around that opening.  Actually, there were some rather large chunks of hardened wax that came out after I had done the oil treatment.  It was pretty gross.

* Probiotics - The probiotics were my answer to antibiotics.  Rather than trying directly to kill off bad bacteria, killing off good bacteria in the process, I flooded my system with good bacteria to do the job for me.  I was taking one capsule per day containing 30 billion microorganisms.  I continued to take it for 10 days straight, much like one might be advised to do with an antibiotic, even though the infection was actually gone in less time than that.  

*Steam - I would boil water on the stove and hold each ear over the steam.  This actually seemed to open up my ears temporarily while they were healing.  They would usually close back up, but it provided some relief and hope. 

* Sudafed- This is not "natural" as it were, but I was pretty desperate, and this didn't require a prescription.  The Sudafed is supposed to help open up the eustachian tube to clear your ear.  Quite honestly, of all the things that I did, I believe that this was the least effective.  Feel free to skip it.

* Prayer - you might not be given to prayer, but I find that it helps a lot.  Even if you don't believe in anything, it couldn't hurt to have someone pray for you.

I don't know if any of this will help you at all, but I thought that I would share anyway.



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