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I searched the forum for posts regarding the question of eye damage resulting from sungazing, but it seemed that this was never discussed with depth and so my questions remained unanswered.

I am considering experimenting with sungazing, but fear the possibility of eye damage. While conventional medicine preaches abstaining from the sun, let alone gazing at it directly, sungazing proponents claim that the practice either improves eyesight or does not affect it in any way.

In my opinion, HRM has proved himself untrustworthy; therefore, I cannot rely on the statements of the main sungazing authority. As for Mason Dwinell, who created the documentary Eat the Sun, he was examined in it by an eye doctor who diagnosed that he suffered from eye damage to some extent, probably as a result of sungazing. Immediately thereafter he stopped the practice, and I do not know what happened later. I presume that the doctor did not know whether the cause of the damage is sungazing specifically.

What is your opinion? I would not want to damage my eyes. Are there any intersting books regarding sungazing you would recommend?

Thank you,


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Being in the sun is beneficial (at the appropiate hours, you don't wanna go from light-colored to jean d'arc),

however, depending on your eye color as well(blue eyes are way more sensitive), too much exposure to the sun (directly) CAN damage your eyes. Which is one of the reasons why albinos have such bad eye sight, their eyes are void of the protective colored iris, and without sungazing the extreme light exposure damages their eye sight.

Sun set or dawn is fine to look at when the intensity of the sunlight isn't that high.

Remember, your body warns you -always-. When your eyes water or can't keep them open, it's time to stop staring. 

Thank you for your reply.

I sun gaze when I can. I feel the effects immediately in my body. After I gaze, I feel stronger, move connected, more energetic.

Start small. You know, start with 3 minutes right before the sun goes down over the horizon. See how you feel. If it works for you, start gazing longer and longer each day.

Listen to your body. It will tell you what's up. If your eyes hurt, stop, look away. If they don't hurt, proceed.

A point to be aware of: it's claimed that sungazing is safe 1 hour after sunrise or 1 hour before sunset. But... this is different is you live in a mountainous region. If the sunsets over the mountains, if you stare at it, it will be at an angle which could still damage your eyes. So it's important to sungaze only at sealevel.

Nine years ago, I experienced an event which resulted in a change, so I believe, in my brain function; this manifested in a disappearance of my personality, identity, and sense of humanness; a blank mind; and detachment from reality. I did not see myself as suffering from mental illness, as one may suggest, but rather from an impaired brain function: minimally active, asleep, neutralized. My experience of reality had become utterly distorted and I felt trapped inside my dysfunctional body.

So far, I have had only four sungazing sessions, each for the duration of 30-40 minutes, but the results are undoutable and surprising. Although I was quite skeptic at first, as nothing could affect my condition, it is clear that I am becoming - quite quickly, may I add - more human, normal, average. My brain seems to be awake and I finally resemble the person whom I used to be.

A problem arises: It is summer in my country, and since the sun rises at 5:50 AM I sungaze during sunset. Ever since I began sungazing, my wake-sleep cycle seems to have been changed and I am having difficulties sleeping at night. Since I work during the week, I am considering sungazing during sunrise, on weekends only. Will it be beneficial? I am afraid that the benefits will not last and accumulate.

I got very interested in sungazing a few weeks ago and had planned to start doing it. After watching "eat the sun" I got in contact with the guy whos email was quotet in the movie. Apparently he got hurt in 1996 and suffered intense pain in the eyes 24/7 for 5 years, after recieving healing the pain stopped but his vision is still today far from restored.

He says that sungazing does help som people and hurt others, he did only sungaze at sunrise.

This was enough for me to not start sungazing

That sounds frightening. Is this person the creator of the movie, Mason Dwinell? I wrote him regarding this issue, but he did not refer to this in his reply. I do not doubt this person's claims, but a few things should be considered:

- People of light-colored eyes are sensitive to strong sunlight;

- Sungazing should be practiced following the known safety measures;

- Ancient cultures had practiced sungazing, and so do modern individuals. This casts some doubt over the claim of eye damage.

As for me, I am still reading about sungazing in order to cover everything.

No the guys name is Jonas, as the email in the movie showed. Mason was not allowed to give out his email adress so I asked if he could give him my adress instead and he was kind enough to do that and Jonas contacted me after that.

can you give me the email of the guy? Because i stared at the sun and have eye pain, i would like to know how did he manage to make the pain go away... do you know? thank you

I will respect his wish to not give out his e-mail adress but I can e-mail him and ask him to contact you if you want me to? However the only thing that helped him with the pain was getting healing from a rabbi. Apart from that he spent a lot of money to try to heal other symptoms but not with much luck. If you want me to contact him, give me your adress, here or privately <3 

my mail is piergiorgiopiergio@gmail.com.  Thank you very much.

Done! E-mailed him your adress. Good luck <3 

I recently did some sun gazing in the morning about three months ago for like 30mins watching the sun rise... I have blurry vision in my right eye from this, does anyone know what to do about this?



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