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Do you want to live forever? I got this from a co-worker while explaining my raw vegan diet. He said "you could get hit by a bus tomorrow and it will be all meaningless. The pleasure in life is eating good (steaks, chicken, fish, Pasta, alcohol and so on) Why bother eating leaves?"

I preach a lot about this diet to friends, family, and coworkers. Most are receptive and understand the benefits but others block their consciousness as doing bad is good and deem what I do as silly.

I know in my heart in what I'm doing is right. Has anyone got the same comment? Comments like this don't bother me anymore. I just nod my head and think you poor bastard lol. I use humor for people like this, it keeps me sane and not angry.

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Humour is definitely the best response, for the person on the recieving end and for your own well being! I usually say something like, "Junk food? There are other ways to get pleasure in life dontcha know?!"

Crappy food seems to make people so miserable that the only thing they have to look forward to in their lives is the next hit of crappy food. Sad to say, but it sees some peoples sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning for others...


I want to live forever... so far so good! :P

80/10/10 improves the quality of my life short term AND longterm, that's all what is important.

I say it must suck spending life in sickness having to deal with medical bills and a boring job.


So many of my friends are fat/sick. They're sure not enjoying life as long as it lasts.

Well said!

most people can relate to numerical odds and statistics.

when confronted with this argument a good defense is to ask the person how long they  expect to live based on statistics. Invariably any intelligent person will agree with you that they are most likely to live somewhere around their national life expectancy.

the next step in this argument is to ask them about quality of life and how they wish to spend the last few years of their life. do they prefer being frail sick and weak, dying in a lonely hospital bed or would they prefer to die while engaged in an active lifestyle.

and you can always use the the story of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. you can equate the straw house to a careless approach to health. in the short term it may require less forethought to eat whatever you fancy but the big bad wolf is gonna blow your weak house down and leave you shaking and homeless before long.

The funny thing is that when he gets older and gets sick from all the SAD food, I bet he wishes a bus will come by and hit him and take him out of his misery and pain.

The biggest investment I think is your health because down the line it will be costly and painful if you don't.



my dad always says "cmon honey live a little". meanwhile, he is not far from diabetes or a heart attack. what people dont realize is that increasing longevity is only one small aspect of this lifestyle. by being healthy, we feel great every single day. we experience a higher quality of living NOW not just when we get older. not to mention the fact that we are doing our service to all other living beings on the planet by being conscious about what we eat.  

While still alive, I want to thrive, not just survive. 

For what kind of life awaits by eating animal products and or even grains?

By the age of 40-50, I will have cardiovascular problems, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, tooth decay, medical bills, pain, pain, pain, by the age of 65, I will be homeward bound, by the age of 70, wheelchair, and if I am lucky, after passing the last 30 years of my life in pain, I will die in a hospital intensive care unit tied up to tubes and monitors, and having to rely on someone else to move my body, lose my dignity and my ability to pee myself having my diaper changed, and or infection from painful catheters.

My last three days of life will be spent with no food or water, for if I partake of these, my lungs fill up with fluid as I feel a painful drowning sensation.  I will then be put on morphine to ease my kidney pain and the shut down of my organs. 

If I am lucky, a few faithful family members will be at my bedside to send me off to the other side. 

I will realize that religion, politics, culture, and peer pressure do not matter.  For all the steaks I ate to please my friends, where are my friends now that I am useless to them? 

I will leave behind a heart broken partner, and children who still need me to guide and love them as they make their own life decisions.  And grandchildren who will learn of tears too young, and will miss me.


The reality is that I will never give back to society as much as they invested in me, my childhood, my education, the infrastructure in which I live.  They will continue to pay for my medical treatment and my burial.   I will leave nothing behind better than I found it.


No thank you.

I think I will continue on this fruity pathway, and my real friends will be supportive, and I will ingnore those who are not, for those kind will not pay my medical bills, or be by my bedside when I die. 

I hope on the day I am hit by the bus, that I am caught red handed in the act of leaving planet earth a better place than it was when I arrived here.

Peace, PK

This seems like a bit of an exaggeration. Not everybody gets all those problems even eating the SAD, let alone just by having grains in their diet, as you suggest.


This piece of writing was not necessarily meant to be taken literally, rather it is an ironic satire of what happens when society partakes of SAD dietary habits and or animal products. 

(And partly an emotional piece in honor of my father who passed away due to war injuries and a SAD diet, and my step father who passed away this month because of smoking and a SAD diet.  Both men died in a similar fashion.  I too partook of animal flesh and SAD foods and have had multiple surgeries and suffer from a bum kidney and chronic pain.)

For those who eat animal products, the irony is...

As you stab, so too shall you be stabbed."

We have assembly line slaughter houses which leads to assembly line outpatient surgeries in hospitals for patients to have injured bones and muscles repaired from arthritis and other degenerative conditions, have angioplasties, kidney  stones removed, heart surgery, cancers and tumors removed, rotten teeth removed. Assembly line diagnostics services such as xrays and CAT scans, assembly pharmacides.  And the assembly line at the ATM so that we might be able to pay those who work as our medicalcidal servants. 

Of course not everybody gets all of those problems at once.  But most SAD eaters who are not hit by a bus will experience some of those issues before they die. 


And yes, grains are almost as deadly to the human body as animal products are causing problems such as tooth decay, arthritis, inhibit cancer healing, kidney stones and problems, alzhiemer plaques, Crohn's disease, Celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and cancers of the digestive trac. 

These two free ebooks might be of interest to you:

Ross Horne via personal experience and in helping those he counselled came to the same conclusion as we follow here, eat a low fat raw fruitarian diet:

Improving on Pritikin:  You Can Do Better


And since humans can usually only eat grains in their cooked forms, read about the degenerative diseases and birth defects tribal people encountered when grains and processed foods were added to their diets:

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets
and Their Effects

BY Weston A. Price, MS., D.D.S., F.A.G.D.


Peace, PK

Thanks for the ebook references, I'll probably peruse through them at some point. I had especially been interested in Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (though not for the purpose of making myself fat and puffy like Sally Fallon seems to look). 

I still don't know if I buy that grains are almost as bad as animal products. The studies seem to show marked improvements in certain health markers when compared to animal products. While I understand this does not imply that grains are ideal, they are most certainly an improvement and the general population should be aware of this; grains and animal products should not be lumped together in my opinion. Also, from my understanding Celiac disease is not caused by grains, but causes problems when they are included. 

I'm not going to beat myself up over grains any time soon. While there is no need to reply again, I would like to know if, when you say grains, you include starches like root vegetables, beans, and lentils. 

I am fairly certain that you know more than I do about all of this stuff, so none of this is meant to discredit you. Peace to you as well, and thanks again for the links (I'm going to have to restrain myself from delving in with finals coming up).


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