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Hi Everyone, I was wondering if you could help me out. It's a weird question. But being vegan, how do you deal with friends, family members and co-workers that don't intend on becoming even vegetarian and talk about food all the time, buy leather and etc.? Right now I'm feeling like I'm living in a world of selfish jerks and it makes me very sad. I just hate everyone around me for not listening to what I say about helping animals while also improving their own health (which is lacking in all of them). Simply helping animals is enough of a reason for me, but they don't seem to understand neither reason. Thanks for reading this. Hope you answer. Have a great day everyone! :)


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Well, to quote Mr. Bowie, "it ain't easy". 

greetings alex! and welcome to 30bad!

i think the best way to view things is in terms of the damage you can do. :D


you may not be able to take down a brick wall in one shot no  matter how much you 'huff and puff'. however, you can chip away at its foundations. people can reinforce those foundations with desperate rationalizations, but eventually the thing looks like a pathetic piece of patchwork.


eventually, it has to fall:

Family & Friends: 50 repetitions


here are two links which may assist you in this masonry work:

30badigo HQ - discuss strategy here!

Fallacy in Animal Rights and Vegan Discussions


your job is to provide information, education and possibly support.

your job is not to convince anyone - that's their job.



in friendship,




Thank you so much, Pradtf!  I love the 50 repetitions idea. Thank you :)

I think we have to realize that we were born into this world and we were taught to never ask questions. Personally, my family never encouraged me to ask questions. I remember as a kid I would ask my mom Why are fruits good for you? Or when I would look at a cereal box and see 'glucose-fructose' I would ask her what is that? Of course I would never get an answer. Since we were very little our parents would bring us to a grocery store where we buy boxed foods and we are taught that that is normal, and we buy without question. Its crazy that ONLY NOW people started realizing hey, where does the food come from? whats it made of? Does cereal grow on trees? Lol...so in that sense, I think that our own families and the people surrounding us are made up of people who are happy to be ignorant and want to die ignorant. There isn't a lot of us who asks questions. If the media sells it, means its good. Right? Im not an anarchist but seriously, society is based on fear. The perfect fake people in the media make others feel inadequate and people think they are right..and they are good at what they do, everybody is susceptible to the brainwashing that happens regularly just by watching TV. The only thing that we can do is stick together and remember that in the past it was always the outcasts that ended up making a difference, those who were not afraid to be different.

Well said! :)

You are doing what's best for you.  Give it time and your whole life and the people in it will change.  

You can't change the world by yourself, but you can change your life.  That is what you definitely have control over so just deal with yourself and share your message, but not everyone will listen and you just have to deal with that.

People don't HAVE to be healthy.  People don't HAVE to love animals as much as you do.  You may think they have to, but they don't.  It's their life and they can do what they want.  It's something you just gotta learn to deal with.  Everyone has their own freedom and should be allowed to do what they want.

So what is your opinion on rapist PureTruth? Should they be allowed to have their own freedom and do what they want?

I definitely agree that you should focus on what you can control---your own life.  And people will might follow. :)

However, people should be allowed freedom, except when it denies another their freedom.  By eating animal products it is denying the animal their freedom to live freely.  Therefore we are allowed to be upset by it and try to change it :P  

Right on, Zoe! ;)

Hey Alex. I fell it helps to: observe how people react to what you say.. 

If they don't like it they probably won't accept it..

start by telling them positive things about what you're doing and not bad things about what they're doing.. 

And remember, these people aren't even out to help themselves, let alone some animals they don't have the energy to hear about. Their emotions are also skewed and misplaced. For example, I've noticed when my family watches reality TV programmes that they often have quite bizarre reactions and are easily upset, even becoming angry and outraged at times? But that's all they have and they will babble on about the TV show as if it were an event of their own being.. attaching those emotions and causing fuss and drama

Cos let's face it, they thrive (lol) on commotion..  

Thanks, Alexander.  You are so right. They do not take care of themselves, so I guess it's hard thinking of others. They smoke, take junk food and are fat and have frequent headaches.  I do find it sad that animals have to suffer because of them, though. I am always trying to be positive and help with info(now only when they ask), but I just find it takes an eternity for them to change and they always seem to bring up the dumbest reasons for not changing or dismissing the natural ways. I think they somehow envy me secretly, but prefer trying to find flaws in my diet because they can't change.

Anyway, I am doing better recently. I know I need to be positive no matter what for even a bit of change. It makes me feel important in a way I guess.  Thank you all for your help. It really helps! I especially love the 50 repetitions.


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