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David Wolfe uses Federal US courts to try and shut down Durianrider! Share the word!

Lots of people said 'No way David Wolfe would try and sue you man! Your having us on! David Wolfe is a non judgemental spiritual guru that is above any criticisms. He would accept your actions as a freedom of speech..' LMAO.

Well David Wolfe shows his true colours in this letter I got today from his LA lawyers. Dress like a guru and sue like monsanto. All David Wolfe will get from me is a training programme, pair of old joggers and a few boxes of bananas to help melt that superfood gut of his. I dont hate DW even though he is repeatedly trying to sue my ass and bankrupt me. I don't take it personally. Im merely sharing my comments and criticisms and will continue to do so as an individuals right to freedom of speech.

Feel free to share it around the net and express your right to freedom of speech. Be careful though! David Wolfe might get his legal henchmen on to you too! ;)


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They haven't filed a suit, and I'm sure they don't plan to... unless the guy's lawyer is as crazy as he is.  Then again, he may be getting paid so much that he doesn't care if DW wants to go all the way, so long as he's getting a fat check.

My guess is that it's scare tactics/ pandering to his audience for attention.

My guess is that it's scare tactics/ pandering to his audience for attention.

That's my assumption at this point as well.

who has a picture of his real arch enemy 

e .douglas harbison

True, it does not appear he has filed suit yet.  If you are inclined to respond to the letter, a couple of fun phrases are "abuse of process" and "malicious prosecution" (as well as Rosemary's "frivolous lawsuit").

Agreed. The accusations are basically false. I have not seen Harley say anything that I would believe to be untrue or unfounded about DW. And neither does Harley use DW to "promote his products and website." Well maybe only somewhat indirectly.

it's sad that david wolfe can't be a man and accept someone criticizing him about his weight. responding with a lawsuit? i have lost all respect for him and will be sure to always stay clear of products and services he's associated with.

being a human being he would transcend and join us because the struggle is common and disavow his tactics

I love his man tits.

i love his new funny dyed hair cut and burned out ioaska eyes and how every next powder package he touches is the best ever..

If not for Harley's video, "Why is David Wolfe Fat?" I never would have found 30BaD.  So please stay strong, Harley.


"f*** david wolfe, he needs to man up and quit being a FAT pussy face s*** hockin' bitch!"

just a quote i read somewhere... ;)


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