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Hey guys!!!

i'm trying to make my 811 diet better and i have a question...

i need to increase my calories intake.. i usually get around 2000 calories but since i started Bikram yoga i've found myself craving cooked food (rice or potatoes coz i'm gluten intollerant thank god)...

i've found out that if i don't add water to my 7 banana smoothie i can get to 10 banana easely.. but maybe i can add Medj dates to that to get more calories...

How many dates do u eat daily? do u soak them??

where do u buy it online??




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I eat as much as I need. Usually 4-5000 calories, sometimes more. I buy my dates at http://7hotdates.com

If you're craving cooked food after adding more exercise, it's pretty clear that you're not eating enough to compensate for your activity. Cram that fruit in if you wanna increase your fitness.

I second 7hotdates.  Call them for the best bulk pricing, which starts at 15# + orders.  

I've got 30# myself on the way.   They're down to two varieties right now, so get em while they last!

i never had the variety they sell except deglet nour wich i don't really like...

how r they i mean... ?? lol

Sigh but they don't ship to Singapore :(

how do u manage to eat 4000 calories? i mean what is ur usual food intake?

do u eat every hour?? O_O

the biggest problem i have is having time to eat! i mean i can do big banana smoothie at morning and night at home but during the day i'm outside and don't know where to get food.. at work luckly i can blend bananas as well but end up eating just bananas n celery all day long

I eat 3-4 meals a day. Pretty easy. 1000+ calories at a meal isn't uncommon for me, only takes 10 bananas or 40 small dates.

I agree with Josh. And Bautista Farm is the BEST place to get your dates. Heeps cheaper than the store too...bonus! Dates and bananas are ridiculously good together. I NEVER tire of them in ANY COMBO.


Slice banana and stick date pieces inside (think sandwich)

Put banana slices and date chunks in a bowl..BAM...

Blend frozen bananas and add dates (ice cream) BAM...okay you get the point 

You said it, Emeril, I mean Jayna ;)

Stop doing Bikram unless you enjoy breathing in everyone elses farts, perfume and detox lol!

We are designed to sweat in the fresh air bro! :)

Eat as many dates as you want. Blend em with water to make datorade. Give it a shake before you sip it so its extra smooth. Enjoy all you want.

LOL i love bikram make me feel so good! and if i don't do it during rush hours i'm totally fine with the smell ^^ u think it's not good for our health??

i know i should try if it work for my body, but what do u think about combining dates with bananas?


How did I miss this?! Love your work, Josh! This song will be stuck in my head all day now, and seriously influenced my breakfast choice this morning...


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