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Hello vegan gang! :D

So I'm planning on travelling to Bali in September/October and want to find a group of lovely people to share a house with and be my best friends haha (I really don't want to live on my own!)

I'm planning on doing lots of yoga, meditation and cooking (I'm not raw yet!)

I work online so can live and work anywhere, I was thinking of staying in Bali for 2 months or so and then continuing on to Thailand/New Zealand/India, who knows! But if I love Bali, I might stay indefinitely ;)

I'm currently in Manchester, UK.

Whose up for an adventure? :)

- Rach xxx

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New Earth Nation mothership community is in Bali, you can literally walk in and ask for hospitality, they should provide. If you tell them you have no where else to go, they wont dare turn you down.

You aren't familiar with Sacha Stone, Humanitad, and the International Tribunal for Natural Justice?
And don't go raw just yet, cuase NEN has unlimited organic red rice!
What's th sa ha stone ect...

I just moved to Ubud 2 months ago. I can give you some info on the local markets here and an idea of the prices you should be paying.


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