30 Bananas a Day!

A lot of people have asked me why the F&^* I'm doing this, since I'm "already so clean." A lot of people have even been concerned!

Well, I've lived 18 years with truly filthy eating habits and no one ever said a word. lived constipated for weeks at a time and stood proud of my ability to 'hold it in'. had a face full of acne and a back full of zits and no one knew the fix. was deathly allergic to the sting of a bee sting and lived in fear because of it. stunk of gnarly body odor like everyone else, and slept with greasy hair and even greasier skin. dealt with daily bouts of depression, contemplated suicide at times and felt hatred towards many, many things...even writing out lists of what I hated... seriously! What's up kid?!

...THEN I FOUND RAW FOOD! And EVERYTHING, I repeat: EVERYTHING. Changed for the better.

4.5 years into fruitarianism now and I've got people talking. poops are scentless and frequent, constipation is a joke. skin went clear within the first month and now zits just don't exist! hands are baby smooth. i'm un-phased by bees and have been safely stung a handful of times with no swelling. body odor is completely gone and i never use deodorant. smell terrific as is. seriously, smell me. i now live in a state of consistent optimism, fantasize about immortality and the longevity of this life experience, and have completely detoxed the feeling of anger. I cannot get mad! Try me.

SO, I figured: If I've experienced all this from going "raw" then imagine what I can experience on coconut island...

Here's what happened: I have experienced more moments of bliss and pure happiness on this island than ever before in my life. I've had moments where I just have to stand still and hold back my tears because of the beauty I'm looking at... there is so much beauty it can make you cry! Imagine! Ahhhh!  This world is SUCH a special place and I want to make sure my I keep my lense clear so I can see the world for what it is... heaven on Earth! Paradise found. Hello fruitarianism :)

I'll resume eating tomorrow sometime, and then break every speed/strength/stamina record I've ever set shortly after.

For my journal of this experience, visit my site.

Force is with you. Keep with the carbs up! This low cal livin' is no damn good if you wanna PUSH YOURSELF to new heights physically.

Just the thought of eating some dates right now is making me salivate mega!

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Where did you get all those coconuts? How long do they stay good out of the fridge? You must have consumed an tremendous amount of sodium. Wow

I ordered them wholesale from a warehouse downtown.

They stay good out of the fridge for weeks at a time since it's so cold here in Vancouver.

Yep! Lots of sodium. Pee it all out though!

Seems like too much sodium and too much dehydration... Man I don't think thats a good idea because of the dehydrating nature of coconuts... Your basically fasting... I frequently think coconuts aren't even really meant to be human food, it seems so incompatible with my body and in general the human body...  Your obviously not comparing to the amount of sodium on a SAD diet, but that seems like way too much, Ive drank 150ish fl oz of coconut water before and felt awful.. Great at first, then awful towards the end.  Obviously Im just spreading fear without concrete facts, but I would recommend extreme caution, this is also pretty extreme.. Those coconuts are all dipped in sodium metabisulfite but maybe its not an issue... Why man why lol?

You dropped 6lbs in 3 weeks, why do you want to lose weight if you've been raw for 4.5 years? Why try to improve on something that needs no improvement, especially if your starving yourself...  Seems like a way to mess up your thyroid's hormones! 

I have no idea Id just hate to see someone mess themselves up from something like this, just want the best for you lol. You seem ok on day 11 watching your vid, hope your ok, lol.


I consider coconuts to be the best source of hydration. My urine is always clear and my skin is smooooth as a baby.  To me, these are two signs of a well hydrated body. Not only this, but I never ever once felt thirsty or dehydrated in the 3 weeks.

As for the weight loss, I did not do this to lose weight, though I knew weight loss would occur.

I believe we can all use improvement... especially myself. I see Anne Osborne do 3 weeks + on OJ this year at fruit fest even after 20 years on a fruit diet. I see Dan the LifeRegenerator doing 14 day water fasts after 10 years as a raw vegan, I see Dr. Robert Lockhart doing 3 months on just durian and days of dry fasting after 20+ years on a raw veg diet just to help keep the body clean, tidy and vibrant!

Have no concern my friend, this organism is better than ever! Coconuts for the WIN!

Will be racing at the world champs this year for 70.3 triathlon guess what I'll be fueling with? You guessed it. Coco water!

Glad to hear you think you know what your doing, just want you to be safe and healthy.  I have to ask, why you watered them down if they hydrate you so well? Not doubting, just interested is all.  I agree we can always use improvement and you seem to have a handle on your thoughts regarding level of purity you wish to achieve; some people go very overboard and are no longer being nutritious, but you absolutely seem to have it in check.  Glad to hear your doing well, and wish you the best in your competitions!

Watered it down cause it's wayyy powerful as a laxative straight up and I was getting tired of almost pooping my pants every 15 minutes!

Dan hasnt been 10 years 100% raw vegan or even vegan. Ask him. Recently in a vid he said he has been 100% raw for about 6 weeks after trying for 13 years.  

You have to remember that Anne nor Robert do the stuff you do Teddles. If someone has next to no cardio, its not as much as a stress for them to be dehydrated as a 20 something ironman triathlete out to conquer. Bit like moving someones seat 5mm if they are a total noob vs doing it to someone on full course of epo, 20 years pro etc. The results will be more negative the fitter the person is.

If I personally were going to just do coconut water, Id still start the day with a liter of fresh water just for fresh waters sake. When Mike & Anne both ended up in hospital, my opinion is it was due to not enough fresh water. Hey, only when we push ourselves too far, do we know how far we can go. When my housemate Veronica died in 2009 from dehydration, all the symptoms were there but nobody around her really could see what was happening and just let her be as they thought a 30 year raw foodist should know what they are doing.  If I wasnt in thailand, I would have grabbed her head and made her drink water.

Good to hear your experiences though. :)

F*#@ is that why Dan looks so healthy? Must be those deer antler tinctures...

G'day mate, out to conquer is right! Count on it.

++++++ i think this is an awesome idea. it sounds lovely. proper hydration is more than just water :)

those coconuts are beautiful

Ted man you crazy man. Sounds very cool I look forward to hanging out some time :) you sound very sure about what's next for you. Can't wait to hear about it. Mostly I'm lad your current experience is so vivid and positive!

So you were having about 7 per day, Ted?



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